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Critical infrastructure not ready for DDoS attacks: FOI data report

The UK’s critical infrastructure is vulnerable to DDoS attacks due to failure to carry out basic security defence work –  39 percent of respondents to a recent survey had not completed the government’s ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ programme, which was first issued in 2012. New data was obtained by Corero Network Security under the Freedom…

Monitoring logons ‘the most effective way to detect data breach’

Monitoring corporate logins is the most effective way to detect a data breach within an organisation, according to a new report on the ‘key indicators of compromise’ by IS Decisions. Mismatched port and application traffic, increases in data reads or outbound traffic, geographical irregularities regarding the perimeter of the organisation, and data access at irregular times and…

Money for old rope? Ropemaker changes your emails AFTER delivery

Bringing the dynamic capabilities of the web to email sounds great until you learn that your emails can be changed after they have been delivered, corrupting your records and introducing malicious urls  using the Ropemaker vulnerability which bypasses common security controls and can also fool sophisticated users. ROPEMAKER is an acronym  for Remotely Originated Postdelivery…

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