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Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET/ 11:00 a.m. PT

The rate at which new data breaches are announced in the headlines should alarm every company with sensitive data to protect. From OPM to Ashley Madison to Machine Zone video games, data breaches are going undetected by existing security technologies and processes.

It is time to look for new approaches in the fight to protect sensitive data.  In this case the new ally is data science and the new approach is behavioral analytics.  Learn how combining math with big data will compress millions of events (most normal, some bad, some very bad) down to an accurate and prioritized short list of true threats that your security team can actually deal with in a timely manner.  See  how one company put this new and innovative technology into practice to protect their critical R&D project plans, test data, process methodologies and proprietary formulas from both insider and targeted outside attack.

Join Paul Calatayud, CISO at Surescripts, and Stephan Jou, CTO at Interset for a discussion on how behavioral analytics effectively detects and surfaces targeted attacks and how it can be successfully operationalized in an information protection program.

Sign up for our upcoming webinar where we will discuss how behavioral analytics:

  • Accurately detects and surfaces advanced attacks while they are happening
  • Reduces noise and false positives through advanced  analytics enabling your security team to focus on true threats
  • Uses machine learning and advanced statistical analysis to find employees, contractors, and compromised accounts that are attempting to steal sensitive data
  • Integrates with and greatly improves the performance of your existing security tools, and

Discuss the specific challenges facing organizations today, and why behavioral analytics is the first step in helping achieve information protection.


Paul Calatayud, CISO, Surescripts

Stephan Jou, CTO, Interset

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