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Security in 2015: Biometrics

BioStar 2 database leaked one million fingerprints, facial recognition data

A breach in a database of biometric security smart lock platform Suprema BioStar 2 exposed more than one million fingerprint records as well as facial recognition information and other sensitive data. The web-based system is used by the likes of the U.K. Metropolitan Police to control access to physical facilities and manage users permissions. Researchers…

Researchers create wax hand to get around vein sensor tech

Security researchers created a fake hand out of wax capable of getting around vein sensor technology – used by organizations like Germany’s BND signals intelligence agency, the researchers told an audience at Chaos Communications Congress in Leipzig. Jan Krissler and Julian Albrecht used an SLR camera – minus its infrared filter – to photograph vein patterns…

Bayometric Touch N Go

Bayometric does have many kinds of fingerprint scanners available for sale, it primarily is the developer of a fingerprint recognition API.

MXI Security Stealth Key M700 Bio

The Stealth Key M700 Bio from MXI Security allows fully manageable multifactor authentication, including any combination of fingerprint, PIN and smart card.

360 Biometrics PersonID

PersonID from 360 Biometrics can be used to provide fingerprint identification of employees, partners or any authorized person that is enrolled into the system.

Bayometric Griaule Fingerprint SDK 2009

The Bayometric Griaule Fingerprint SDK is not a physical product but a full development kit for software developers to incorporate biometrics into applications throughout the enterprise.

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