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Triad Biometrics TEAMS v1.0

The Triad Enterprise Authentication and Migration System (TEAMS) system from Triad Biometrics takes a new look at enterprise-level fingerprint biometric network security authentication.

ACTAtek Technology

The ACTAtek device uses optical technology to read finger- and thumbprints, which it then transfers into templates and stores on the system.

Black Box Intelli-Pass

The Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control System from Black Box uses latest-generation fingerprint verification and a unique split-architecture design to provide solid security in access control.

Ceelox CeeloxID Server Edition

CeeloxID Server Edition v1.6.1.1 provides biometric fingerprint scanning for workstation domain logon, as well as single sign-on to programs and websites all in one centrally managed application.

Bioscrypt V-Pass FX

The V-Pass FX is a small fingerprint scanner that provides a way to control physical access to facilities using biometrics.

Ceelox ID Server Edition

This product can integrate into the environment and replace password logons for workstations, files, external drives and networks.

IdentiPHI SAFsolution 5

IdentiPHI’s SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition builds a platform on which an enterprise can integrate biometrics into the already existing environment.

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