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Valid Technologies VSSA

The Valid Secure System Authentication (VSSA) from Valid Technologies provides a platform to build biometrics seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Bioscrypt V-Station

This product is a physical security control device, but rather than just a fingerprint, this reader also uses PIN numbers, prox cards or contactless smart cards.

Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D Face Reader

This interesting product features access control based on facial recognition rather than fingerprints. The camera itself is capable of providing not only the 3-D image of a facial scan, but also a 2-D image that can be used for badges or put into a library for other reference purposes. Another feature of this product is the ability to use the same 3-D image for both physical and logical access. This means excellent deployment flexibility for almost any situation.

M2SYS Bio-Plugin 6.0

If you are adding biometric capability to custom applications, this is for you. It will simplify your task significantly.

IDMatrixx IDServer v2.0

A feature rich performer, but you’ll need to spend some time getting up to speed on it and the support is a bit light. Very good documentation can be a big help here, though.

identiMetrics identiFi v1.4.6.8A

An interesting product that adds strong authentication to places where strong authentication is not normally offered. Can replace more costly, less secure methods.

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