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Malicious calculator app adds up Bitvote coins in cryptomining scheme

Looking to get the jump on Bitvote (BTV), a forked version of Bitcoin that launched just last January, attackers recently distributed a trojanized calculator app that downloads a cryptominer targeting the new cryptocurrency.

Trolley Talk - The Full Ride

SC Media's Bradley Barth took a ride with industry insiders through the streets San Francisco at the 2018 RSA Conference, using an old form of public transportation we're pretty sure can never get hacked.

New Desert Scorpion spyware found in malicious chat app aimed at Palestinians

A malicious chat app that was advertised on Facebook and sold in the Google Play store was discovered to execute a previously undiscovered spyware program linked to APT-C-23, an advanced persistent threat group allegedly with ties to Hamas.

Terbium Labs CEO: We have the tools to curtail fake news, if we'd only use them

We already have the means to significantly curtail fake news campaigns emanating from Russia and elsewhere, but it is up security practitioners, and especially online content and advertising platforms, to meaningfully employ these measures, according to Dr. Daniel Rogers, CEO of Terbium Labs.