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Def Con presenter: 'Synthetic clicks' exploit can help attackers install malware on Macs

A presentation at Def Con 2018 last week revealed an unpatched vulnerability in macOS devices that can allow malware to bypass certain security checks using a technique that fakes user mouse clicks.

Patch Tuesday August 2018: Adobe mends two critical bugs in Acrobat and Reader

Adobe today issued patched updates for Acrobat and Reader, Flash Player, Experience Manager, and the Cloud Desktop Application, collectively fixing 11 vulnerabilities, two of them critical.

Jury in Georgia convicts Nigerian man for phishing scam targeting higher education

A Nigerian citizen last week was convicted in a Georgia federal court for his involvement in a $6 million phishing scheme targeting college and university staff members.

US-CERT issues malware analysis on KEYMARBLE RAT, attributes threat to North Korea

Through its US-CERT division, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security yesterday issued a new analysis report on a remote access trojan called KEYMARBLE that the agency says has been attributed to Hidden Cobra, a suspected North Korean APT actor.