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New version of Faketoken Android banking trojan records calls, targets transportation apps

A mobile banking trojan known for using malicious overlays to trick financial app users into giving away their credentials has evolved further to target travel, transportation and traffic ticket payment apps, as well as record phone calls.

'ShadowPad' attack sabotaged NetSarang software with backdoor

Attackers secretly modified at least five software packages distributed by NetSarang in order to infect its business users with modular backdoor spyware, Kaspersky Lab has reported.

Ukrainian malware author is key witness against Russia in DNC hack investigation

A Ukrainian man who authored malware that U.S. intelligence said was used to hack the DNC has become a witness for the FBI after turning himself in early this year, the New York Times has reported.

WannaCry researcher Marcus Hutchins arraigned, faces October trial

Marcus Hutchins, the UK researcher who accidentally stopped the spread of WannaCry ransomware, was arraigned in a federal Wisconsin court on Monday, for allegedly authoring a banking trojan called Kronos.