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Researchers: Microsoft Office flaw exploited by suspected Iranian APT group

Researchers believe a suspected Iranian APT group is responsible for a recent cyber espionage operation that targeted a Middle Eastern government organization, using a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Office as an attack vector.

Stanford University school's chief digital officer leaves role after data breach

Following a pair of data breaches that potentially exposed highly sensitive student and employee information, the chief digital officer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business has reportedly stepped down.

Cyberthieves loot tens of millions in bitcoin from NiceHash cryptocurrency marketplace

Cyberthieves have raided the coffers of cryptomining marketplace NiceHash, apparently stealing more than $60 million in bitcoin after compromising its payment system and online wallet.

Newly created tool spots TLS vulnerability in major banking and VPN apps

Eight banking apps and one virtual private app were found to contain a hidden vulnerability in their TLS protections, which can be exploited to perform MITM attacks, according to academic researchers who created a new black-box tool capable of detecting the flaw.