Israeli mobile forensics firm Cellebrite, which works closely with law enforcement, security and military agencies to bypass security measures on locked phones, could have some of their methods exposed after a reseller partner reportedly made the company's firmware and software publicly available to download. 

According to a report by Motherboard, the public accessibility of Cellebrite's products could potentially allow researchers and competitors to reverse-engineer them and uncover exploits that the firm uses to break into phones. The report speculated that the reseller, McSira Professional Solutions, may be offering the online downloads so that its customers can conveniently update their Cellebrite firmware and software to the latest versions.

The potential damage from this distribution may be limited, however. Mike Reilly, a PR spokesperson for Cellebrite, told Motherboard that the site's links “do not allow access to any of the solutions without a license key.” Furthermore, Cellebrite keeps its most sensitive capabilities in-house, the report stated.