Law enforcement officials in Knox County, Ill. earlier this week arrested a longtime IT employee of Abingdon-Avon School District #276 on electronic eavesdropping charges in connection with a recent data breach, according to local reports.

The Register-Mail has reported that Mark Rogers, the district's technology director, surrendered himself on Wednesday and was subsequently arrested on three felony eavesdropping charges. Another report by KWQC elaborated that Rogers is accused of using a webcam to secretly record a private conversation without permission.

KWQC also confirmed that the arrest ties into a data breach that occurred in January, was publicly disclosed in May, and included allegations of changing grade-point averages and tampering with emails.

“The charges are all eavesdropping,” said Rogers' attorney Elisa Nelson, the Register-Mail article reports. “There was not one single, solitary piece of inappropriate material linked to Mark Rogers. There wasn't even a discussion about any other activity except alleged eavesdropping.”