Speaking to CRN, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins stated his agreement with experts who argue that moving fully to the cloud is not the ultimate solution to enterprise data security and added that premise-based environments need not be abandoned as long as they are supported by “robust security architecture.”

“[T]he most prevalent issues are redundant passwords or passwords taped to computers or people clicking on a phishing email. Those are the kinds of things that if you could cut those out, then it won’t matter where this stuff is,” Robbins said.

Companies were warned by Washington-based SolarWinds following a major breach that they are responsible for securing their on-premises infrastructure and urged to move to the cloud for greater security. However, others, including Robbins, counter that a combination of on-premises and cloud environments is the ideal model for most businesses.

Presidio President and CEO Bob Cagnazzi added that instead of comparing cloud security versus on-premises, it’s better to analyze an organization’s specific security needs based on their workload, to see which environment is more suited for each workload.