TechCrunch reports that cloud security platform Eclypsium has landed $25 million from a Series B investment round, bringing the total raised funds to $50 million. Newly raised funds will be allocated not only toward strengthening the capabilities of Eclypsium's platform, which defends systems against software, hardware, and firmware exploits, but also to expanding its workforce and supporting existing sales efforts, according to Eclypsium founder Yuriy Bulygin. "A few macro-level trends are driving demand for Eclypsiums solution, and therefore made this the right time to raise funding to enable accelerated growth. The global supply chain is increasingly complex, which means that finished devices may have hardware and firmware components sourced from vendors around the world all of whom add to the risk and complexity of securing a device. Moreover, the White Houses continued focus on creating resiliency in Americas supply chains has brought a new focus to the risks inherent in a global economy, and has also driven increased demand from government agencies in Eclypsiums solutions," said Bulygin.