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Zscaler buys startup trustdome to control cloud permissions

April 15, 2021
CRN reports that Zscaler is acquiring Israeli startup company Trustdome for undisclosed terms, enabling the company to integrate Trustdome’s Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management platform into its own Zscaler Cloud Protection product. The Trustdome CIEM platform provides complete control over access permissions across all clouds, APIs, resources and identities within an enterprise, as well as a detailed view of all permissions including the ability to detect misconfigurations and develop remediation plans for them. This protects companies from cloud-based attacks that exploit the often-large number of discrete permissions left unguarded within business’ cloud environments. “The Trustdome team has built an innovative platform to solve this challenge while allowing development and DevOps teams to maintain speed and agility,” said Trustdome CEO Ofer Hendler. Zscaler, which expects to close the deal by the end of this month, is also looking forward to having its first Israel-based development center in line with plans to pursue further investments in that country.
Adrian Sanabria

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