DIGIT reports that a survey of around 700 CISOs found 71% are concerned about a large number of cloud software vulnerabilities that remain unaddressed since enterprises’ transition to cloud architectures and the resulting switch in security practices. The survey also found 89% of respondents are convinced that application security blind spots have emerged from the rise of cloud-related technologies including Kubernetes, containers and microservices.

“This research confirms what we’ve long anticipated: manual vulnerability scans and impact assessments are no longer able to keep up with the pace of change in today’s dynamic cloud environments and rapid innovation cycles,” said Dynatrace founder and Chief Technology Officer Bernd Greifeneder.

Meanwhile, DevOps and agile management have increased the difficulty of finding and resolving software vulnerabilities, according to 63% of CISOs, and 74% of respondents believe that vulnerability scanners and other forms of traditional security measures are no longer applicable now that many companies have gone cloud-native, according to the survey.