Cloud security startup Ermetic announced that it has landed $70 million from a Series B funding round, bringing total investment to $100 million, according to SiliconANGLE. Ermetic’s software platform attempts to strengthen enterprises’ data security by controlling employees’ access to certain sensitive cloud resources, such as the corporate firewall. The platform enables administrators to define policies for managing users’ access to these cloud resources and subsequently performs continuous monitoring of the cloud environment to detect cases where access violates the internal policies. The Ermetic platform, for example, can detect when an employee has been granted access to a cloud resource they don’t need to perform their work. It also offers just-in-time security, a feature that allows users or applications to access sensitive cloud resources temporarily then revokes it immediately afterward. “Most organizations have to stitch together disparate security tools that are siloed and provide a limited view of cloud risk, but Ermetic has combined cloud infrastructure entitlement and cloud security posture management to provide the visibility and automation customers need to protect all their cloud platforms in one place,” Ermetic CEO Shai Morag said.