xDedic, a dark web marketplace offering access to compromised Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers, has reportedly resurfaced following a brief shutdown.

According to an article in Threatpost, the underground market disappeared after a June 16 Kaspersky Lab report exposing the site for selling 70,000 hacked servers, some for as little as $6. But then researchers at Digital Shadows shared with Threatpost an incident report disclosing that a June 24 post on the Russian-language forum "exploit.in" contained a link to a new Tor site hosting the underground market. This new site is identical in design to the original site, but this time requires a $50 enrollment fee.

In the Threatpost report, Digital Shadows CTO and co-founder James Chappell said, “I would imagine they have some of the previous offerings available… Many of those servers are still compromised. They would still have stock in the stockroom.”