More prevalent cyberattacks have prompted increased demand for artificial intelligence-based security tools that could bolster threat detection and system defenses but AI could also be leveraged by threat actors for more advanced intrusions, CNBC reports. Identity and access management, antivirus, data loss prevention, and risk and compliance management systems are some of the key products leveraging AI but the utilization of the technology in cybersecurity has not yet been far-reaching, according to Pillsbury Law Cybersecurity Co-Leader Brian Finch. "Companies thus far arent going out and turning over their cybersecurity programs to AI... We are seeing companies utilize AI but in a limited fashion," Finch added. Meanwhile, AI could also be exploited by threat actors in various ways, including phishing attacks and malware design. "Given the economics of cyberattacks its generally easier and cheaper to launch attacks than to build effective defenses Id say AI will be on balance more hurtful than helpful," Finch said.