Netskope will lend its infrastructure in a new partnership with Orange Business Services and Orange Cyberdefense, a cybersecurity services provider, to roll out a new security service edge product for deployment in the Orange Telco Cloud Platform, SDxCentral reports. The solution features Netskope's SSE offering and global security private cloud footprint combined with Orange Cyberdefense's security, producing an environment protected from data loss and various emerging threats in the cloud, internet and applications. The idea is that we embed the Netskope infrastructure into a secured and controlled network, which gives the customer a user-to-user and a user-to-cloud environment, according to Pierre-Marie Binvel, Orange Business Services Europes head of business development for connectivity and cyberdefense. The companies are currently offering the product as a managed service amid plans to launch the first proof-of-concept and pilot by the end of 2022 and have the Netskope-Orange security solution enter general availability by the end of next years first quarter, said Binvel.