Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys had its grocery stores and pharmacies experiencing IT system issues following a Black Basta ransomware attack, reports BleepingComputer. While some in-store services and prescription fulfilling systems have been disrupted, operations of Sobeys grocery stores and pharmacies continue, said Empire, Sobey's parent company, in a statement. Despite Sobeys emphasizing in a separate statement that no significant disruptions have resulted from the IT issues it has been experiencing, employee reports showed that all computers in impacted Sobeys stores have been locked out although payment processing and point-of-sale systems, which are connected to another network, were unaffected. Sobeys has not provided more details regarding the incident but BleepingComputer noted from reviewing ransom notes and negotiation conversations that the attack has been conducted by the Black Basta ransomware operation, which has been attacking organizations around the world since its emergence in April. Black Basta was most recently associated by Sentinel Labs to Russian hacking group FIN7.