Global citizens are collectively torn as to whether or not hacktivists constitute a public nuisance, or actually benefit society by holding criminal organizations, governments and corporations accountable, according to a new survey.

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and market research firm Ipsos jointly surveyed nearly 25,000 citizens from 24 countries on the topic of hacktivism. The results were mixed, even contradictory: 66 percent said they think hacktivists are breaking the law and should be stopped, but 58 percent said they think hacktivists play an important role in holding wrongdoers accountable.

“Internet users around the world are conflicted on the role of hacktivist groups like Anonymous. You could almost say that people tend to disapprove of their tactics, but approve of what they often do with those means,” Eric Jardine, CIGI research fellow, said in a press release.