Case study: Malware checkout
Case study: Malware checkout

As for Thayer, specifically, all went fairly well. Deployment of the tool throughout Thayer facilities and among its mobile workforce went smoothly, Thayer's Dickersbach says. “We wanted something that was easy to deploy, manageable from any internet connection and accessible on our schedule,” he says. “The Symantec Endpoint delivered on all accounts. The tool has been a huge plus for us because it removes routine maintenance-related tasks. Managing the actual core of the software and how users interact with it is much more important to me than worrying about hardware.”

He  estimates that Symantec Endpoint has reduced the amount of time spent managing security by at least half while improving coverage – especially for Thayer Lodging's executive management, which spends substantial time on the road visiting its various properties. “Because endpoint protection is now cloud-based, it follows them wherever they travel,” Dickersbach says.

And, he adds, “with the central event logging and central monitoring, it gives us a single point to access these logs when issues arise.”

Based on Thayer's success with the tool, Dickersbach says the hotel deployed Symantec Enterprise to archive email for corporate office in mid-2011. “We are also currently revising our disaster recovery plan and strategy as we want to get our data into a secure, cloud-based data center, so we can redeploy it quickly on separate hardware if need be,” he says. To accomplish this objective, he says he is looking to migrate Thayer Lodging's longstanding Symantec Backup Exec environment to Backup when it becomes available.

“For us, its securing the endpoints that have the most exposure, in this case our end-users with corporate laptops and desktops,” says Dickersbach. “We have put a good focus in this area and the boundary defense to help with our security needs.”

Protection: Via the cloud

Symantec Endpoint  offers the following:

  • Log on to web-based management console;
  • Deploy agent to individual endpoints or silently push the solution to the network;
  • On installation, preconfigured policies are enabled for the agent to include anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and host intrusion prevention;
  • After the install, agent proactively refreshes the latest security definitions and updates;
  • Administrator can use management console to set custom policies and push to all endpoints in the network;
  • Administrator can use management console for ongoing maintenance including deploying new endpoints, viewing status, managing remote clients.

Source: Symantec

Photo 1: One of Thayer Lodging Group's properties: Wyndham Lisle – Chicago Hotel and Executive Meeting Center

Photo 2: One of Thayer Lodging Group's properties: Double Tree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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