Case study: Wire transfer
Case study: Wire transfer

Ease and speed

Besides boosting internet access speed, making changes on the firewall is also faster and easier. “I frequently make a lot of firewall changes,” says Graves. “It's not uncommon for me to make up to six changes a day, such as allowing user access to an application or unblocking a website.” It used to take him 15 minutes and now takes 30 seconds from start to finish. “It's that much faster.” 

This frees the IT team to take a much more decisive approach to executing changes, managing URL filtering and even reporting. For example, if bandwidth needs prioritizing, or a specific application or inappropriate website must be blocked, the ease and speed in which the task can be accomplished has helped the entire IT operation become more efficient and proactive about making changes, Graves says. 

The re-architecting of business around the internet requires a restructuring of security strategies that ensure internet-enabled business infrastructures and ecosystems are able to identify and repel risk at any point and at any scale, says Dell's Ayrapetov. “It is also unique in offering software-enabled security strategies that have the breadth, scale and power to deliver this requirement. It is also the only source for true end-to-end security solutions for businesses wanting to succeed in a world of dispersed applications, connected devices and evolving threats.”

Graves also reports that the speed of the SuperMassive has helped teachers. “Being able to make faster changes on the firewall means that teachers are happier because they're getting their requests taken care of faster.”

As well, he also points out that generating reports is much easier with the Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewall and involves fewer steps than the district's previous firewall. “Before, if I wanted to run a report, I'd have to start the report and wait a couple of minutes to actually get it,” he says. “Most of the time, it wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I'd have to rerun it. But on the Dell SonicWALL, I start the report and have exactly what I want in a matter of seconds.”

With the current deployment of Dell SonicWALL, Graves says Walton has accomplished all of its goals. “This is a solution we implemented with the hope and expectation it would fulfill our needs for the next five years,” he explains. “Of course, we can't anticipate five years of technology, but we believe our solution still has room to grow.”

And, he says, this is important as technology, and the miscreants who abuse it, keeps growing at unprecedented speed. And, it's not just outside attackers who potentially can cause problems. “We have become more aware of malware that our users unintentionally invite on our network,” Graves says. “Stopping malware at the gateway has proven to be a necessary and effective first line of defense for us.”