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What's to come?

The IT landscape has evolved over the past two decades. Where it is headed is anyone's guess, reports Chuck Miller.

Hacker charged for marketing systems to steal bandwidth

A federal indictment was unsealed Monday in Boston charging a hacker with selling hardware and software designed to steal internet bandwidth.

New ransomware variant features novel payment scheme

A new ransomware variant encrypts files on a computer, but uses a novel twist on monetizing the extortion threat.

Botnet use in click fraud skyrockets

Botnets accounted for nearly 43 percent of all click fraud in the third quarter of this year, according to a new report.

Rapid7 buys Metaploit, remains committed to open source

Metasploit, the organization behind the Metasploit Project, a popular open-source tool for exploit research, has been acquired by vulnerability management provider Rapid7.