Conquering data protection challenges
Conquering data protection challenges
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Many serious breaches involve information that the organization did not even know existed. As critical data proliferates within your enterprise, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to manage access to it – and ensure it is properly protected.

Guidelines such as PCI DSS require that organizations must protect sensitive information, such as credit card data. Yet, without a way to ensure that all stored data is secured, your company's risk of a major breach occurring remains high.

Join John Kindervag, senior analyst from Forrester Research, and Geoff Webb, senior manager of product marketing for NetIQ, for a web seminar on “Conquering Data Protection Challenges.” You'll learn how the pressures to secure sensitive information are growing evermore acute, how the penalties associated with a breach can be very damaging, and how to begin to manage and secure access to your data wherever it resides.

During this one hour event, we will discuss:

  • Why the pressure to secure sensitive data is greater than ever.

  • How guidelines such as PCI DSS demand, and offer a path to, greater levels of data security.

  • What can be done to reduce the risk of data stores not visible to your security teams.

  • How to build an integrated critical data security program that includes information on servers and databases.

  • What the best approach to privileged user management is.

You will also discover how to reduce the costs and risks of managing access to sensitive information through integrated, automated processes.

Featured speakers:
John Kindervag, senior analyst, Forrester Research
Geoff Webb, senior manager, product marketing, NetIQ

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