Expert advice to help savvy CIOs use the shrinking market to their advantage.

Joining the editor for the April SC webcast was Mike Smart, European product marketing manager for Secure Computing and Andrew Price, an independent solutions architect.

Smart's vast experience lies in the unified threat management and information leakage detection and prevention markets, having held senior roles in organisations at the forefront of these technologies. Price has worked in the computer industry for more than 20 years, as well as advising on information security architectures for leading UK banks.

They came to show how consolidation in the market is a challenge to chief information officers, but one that can be used to their advantage if they think carefully about what they want.

This means working very closely with suppliers and system architects to link existing and new technology. It also means planning ahead and ensuring as much compatibility as possible with existing equipment.

As was made clear during the studio discussion, CIOs need solutions that proactively ensure security, business continuity, network availability and application access.

Purchasing decisions are often moulded by the size of the organisation; smaller firms cannot afford to be risk takers with new technology. Consolidation is having a further effect on these decisions.

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