Chris Rock

Chris Rock


Chris Rock is a Cyber Mercenary who has worked in the Middle East, US and Asia for the last 30 years working for both government and private organizations. He is also the co-founder of a security logging platform called SIEMonster.

Chris presented I will Kill you at Defcon 23. Where he detailed how hackers could create fake people and kill them using vulnerabilities in the Birth and Death Registration systems around the world. Chris also presented How to Overthrow a Government at Defcon 24 working with the coup mercenary Simon Mann. Chris presented “Killer Hertz” at Defcon 30 in August in Las Vegas on custom equipment to defeat the Jammer.

“I will kill you and birth you”​
“How to overthrow a government”
“Killer Hertz – Terrorists Win”

He is also the author of the Baby Harvest, a book based on criminals and terrorists using virtual babies and fake deaths for financing.

Chris has also been asked to speak at TED Conference Global and continues to research a wide variety of technologies for vulnerabilities