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Chipotle data breach leads to illegal ATM withdrawal

Gainsville police said they are searching for a man whose image was captured on June 30 at the Campus USA Credit Union in Gainsville where he allegedly used the login credentials from more than 40 people whose data was taken during the Chipotle Data breach in May.

ProMediads now using Sundown-Pirate EK to spread a variety of malware

A year-old malvertising campaign has helped researchers uncover a new exploit kit (EK) called Sundown-Pirate that is being used to deliver a plethora of malware types.

Data Breach hits California Association of Realtors

A subsidiary of the California Association of Realtors suffered a data breach that exposed user information for a two-month period earlier this year.

Select Restaurant chain hit with POS data breach

The Select Restaurant chain reported it suffered a point-of-sale breach during which customer payment card information was compromised.

Data breach rattles Sabre: Intrusion into hotel reservations system revealed

Sabre Corporation, a $3.37 billion company that provides technology solutions to airline and hotel companies, has disclosed a breach of its Hospitality Solutions SynXis Central Reservations system, which may have exposed consumers' payment card data and personally identifiable information.

Hacker served Shoney's POS malware for three months

Best American Hospitality Corp. reported that 37 Shoney's restaurants it manages and operates were hit with point-of-sale (POS) malware starting in late December and lasting through early March.

Bring on GDPR. Wonga blunders in data breach - bank details lost?

Unsurprisingly, Wonga customers have been told to change their passwords after the payday loan firm admitted it had suffered a major data breach affecting 250,000 customers.

GameStop investigating point of sale data breach

GameStop is investigating a possible payment card breach on the retailer's online store, according to published reports.

Insurer sues Rosen Hotels over data breach payments

St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance has filed a lawsuit asking a Florida judge to formally state that the insurance company is not responsible for paying any costs related to a data breach that took place at Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

Arby's hit with POS breach, 1,100 stores possibly affected

The fast food restaurant chain Arby's has suffered a breach involving the payment card systems in up to 1,100 of its locations.

Amazon customers targeted in phishing scam

Sophos researchers pulled the covers off a phishing scam hitting Amazon customers who are looking for deals on electronics that are too good to be true.

FTC Issues fake app alert, but perhaps too late

Apparently, it's always better late than never, but one wonders how much damages was already done.

Researchers hack Visa cards in six seconds

A research team from Newcastle University in the U.K. discovered a method to hack credit cards including dates and security codes in as little as six seconds.

Mastercard and Visa push EMV liability deadline to 2020 for automated fuel pumps

Citing technological and regulatory challenges, Mastercard and Visa have postponed their liability deadlines for merchants to employ EMV chip card technology at automated fuel pumps, from October 2017 to October 2020.

Data breach hits MSG: Rangers, Knicks, Rockettes fans hacked

Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) reported payment card information was stolen from potentially hundreds of thousands of customers who attended shows or sporting events at the organization's five major venues during the last year.

Nearly 6K e-commerce sites hacked, including GOP group

Hackers exploited security vulnerabilities and weak passwords to burrow their way into a number of e-commerce sites, including that of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Enterprises need a culture of cybersecurity, says PCI Security Standards Council

Building a culture of cybersecurity within enterprises is essential in today's fast-paced world of online transactions.

European ATM cyberattacks up 28%, those using dynamite up 30%

The increasing security provided by EMV payment cards, or chip cards, may be compelling European criminals to eschew the use of malware in favor of explosives to steal money from ATMs.

Bluetooth POS skimmers hitting the wild

Some cybercriminals are updating their payment card skimmer devices to Bluetooth, enabling them to steal data in real time using nothing more than a smartphone.

Brazil hotbed of financial fraud, report

Brazil has emerged as a primary center of financially motivated e-crime threat activity.

Security concerns are inhibiting mobile payment adoption worldwide

More than half of global consumers believe mobile wallets are less secure than cash, but nearly 60 percent of executives say mobile money will build their business because it's safe.

FastPOS malware goes modular, adds stealth to speed

As the holiday shopping season approaches, the newest iteration of point-of-sale malware FastPOS appears to have improved its evasion efforts by using modular architecture.

MasterCard debuts biometric app for online shopping

MasterCard on Wednesday rolled out Identity Check Mobile, a new app that allows cardholders to pay for online purchases using biometrics to authenticate their identity.

Cybercriminals already able to hack ATM biometric readers

Even though biometric readers have not been rolled out on ATM's, cybercriminals have already developed tools to steal a person's fingerprint and other biological data.

Wells Fargo Bank fined $185M, fires 5,300 staffers over fake account scam

Wells Fargo Bank was fined $185 million for a five-year long scam that saw bank employees illegally creating fake accounts and email addresses and apply for credit and debit cards to meet sales goals and earn commissions.

Hutton Hotel guests credit card info exposed during three-year long breach

The Hutton Hotel payment processing system was vulnerable between September 2012 and 2015 exposing guests payment card information.

Kimpton Hotels details data breach, dozens of properties impacted

The Kimpton Hotel chain officially notified its customers that its point-of-sale system severs had been infected with malware earlier this year, possibly exposing payment card information and cardholder names.