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FTC finds thieves attempt to use stolen data within 9 min of breach

In an effort to see what happens after a data breach, the Federal Trade Commission leaked a database of 100 fake customers.

Twitter flaw would have let users post tweets to any account

A researcher going by the moniker Kedrisch spotted a Twitter vulnerability which would've allowed a user to post tweets from any user's account.

XData ransomware uptick spotted in wake of WannaCry

ESET researchers spotted XData ransomware making rounds a week after the global WannaCryptor scare.

Cylance spots Qakbot malware updates to target more systems

Cylance researchers spotted enhancements on the Qakbot malware that enable it to infect new systems and lock out administrators.

Federal insider threats still not properly addressed despite progress

Federal agencies are setting up more formal insider threat prevention programs at a much higher rate but few have seen progress as a result.

Researchers claim 'MacronGate' linked to internet troll

Qurium researchers claim to have traced the "MacronGate" to a black hat troll.

DocuSign's stolen emails lead to phishing attacks

Threat actors are using stolen DocuSign customer emails in a phishing campaign to spread malicious Word Documents.

BAIJIU malware abused Japanese web hosting service

Cylance researchers spotted a phishing campaign dubbed "BAIJIU" looking to capitalize on those curious about hermit kingdom of North Korea.

Senate subpoenas Flynn; Rosenstein may have threatened resignation

The Senate Intelligence Committee, galvanized by almost daily revelations about Team Trump's ties to Russia and Tuesday's abrupt dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, has turned up the heat on its investigation.

Cyberattacks are becoming more 'made to order' for chosen victims

Whilst examining cybersecurity attacks and methods from the first part of 2017, researchers at PandaLabs found cyber-attacks are more complex than ever before.

SEC orders Chinese hackers to pay $9M for hacking law firms for trade secrets

Three Chinese hackers were ordered by a Federal Judge in Manhattan to pay a combined total of approximately $9 million in fines.

FCC claims DDoS, not John Oliver fans advocating net neutrality, slowed site

The Federal Communications Commission blamed a website slowdown to DDoS attacks not a charge of protests led by "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver.

Yates told White House Flynn could be blackmailed

So disturbed was Yates by the information gleaned by the FBI from interviews with Flynn at the White House that she didn't wait until agents wrote up a report on their findings before requesting a face-to-face meeting with White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

Oakland PD accused of misleading judge for stingray use

An Oakland-based defense attorney is accusing the local police department of deliberately misleading a judge who signed an order used to justify the use of stingrays.

Hackers plunder bank accounts via SS7 TFA flaw - risk known 'for years'

O2 has admitted that thieves exploited flaws in SS7 to steal money from victim's bank accounts.

WWE diva Charlotte Flair nudes leaked in latest Celebgate scandal

Celebgate hackers have hit another WWE star this time leaking nude images of four-time women's champion Charlotte Flair.

Bondnet 007.01 botnet seizes servers to farm cryptocurrency

The sky may have fallen causing agents and servers across the globe to go rogue as the Bondnet 007.01 botnet army seizes victims to do its bidding.

Data from 500,000 pediatric patients spotted for sale

Approximately 500,000 pediatric medical records were spotted for sale on the dark web, many of which from offices likely unaware they were breached.

RiskSecNY: Tips for Threat Sharing

Threat Sharing should be a two-way street with all parties sharing relevant information with each other.

Fitchburg, Mass., officials discover three-year-old breach affecting 1,800

Fitchburg, Mass. city officials reported that the Social Security numbers of 1,800 residents were compromised during a data breach that was discovered on April 14, but took place more than three years ago.

Duo pleads guilty in TalkTalk breach

Two men were convicted in the U.K. for the 2015 TalkTalk breach after admitting their part in the attack that affected 160,000 customers.

SentinelOne: In memory attacks loom large, leave little trace

In-memory attacks are on the rise according to Sentinel One, and being increasingly adopted by cyber-crime authors to evade security software.

John Connor is that you? Man attacks security robot

An intoxicated gentleman who may or may not have been in fear of unsecured robots decided to take a preemptive strike against a 300lb security robot.