Cybecrime News, Articles and Updates

GSM-based credit card skimmers hit New York gas stations

GSM-based credit card skimmers capable of sending credit card data via text messages were at three New York gas stations.

Informed and tech savvy North Korean ruling elite regularly online

There are four million 3G-capable mobile devices in North Korea, but only the small group of the most senior leaders and ruling elite are granted direct access to the worldwide internet.

UniCredit Bank's third party leads to hack on 400,000 clients

An attack on Italian bank, UniCredit, has led to the accounts of 400,000 loan customers being accessed.

Turkish Android app store spreads malware

Victims will download an app from the store only to find the app in no way resembles what the user was expecting, but instead is an app disguised as a Flash Player.

SentinelOne analyses splash ransomware 'splash screens'

Analysis of the psychology behind digital ransom notes sheds light on the range of social engineering tactics used by cyber-attackers.

Millions of SSN across 10 states leaked in Kansas Commerce Dept. breach

The personal information of millions of job seekers across ten states was compromised when an attacker managed to exploit a vulnerability in the application code of the America's Job Link Alliance division of the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Russian Citadel malware co-developer 'Kolypto ' sentenced to prison

The Russian hacker who pleaded guilty for his role in co-developing the Citadel malware Wednesday was sentenced to five years in Prison.

Time is Money: How many threat$ can you fit in a cyberminute?

We all know time is money but when it comes to cybercrime even a minute of down time could cost the mightiest of firms a hefty fine.

WhatsApp: 'your subscriptions up so please pay up,' phishing scam

ESET researchers warn users beware phishing messages purportedly from WhatsApp warning users their subscription is up.

Latest CryptoMix ransomware adds .Exte extension to files

A new variant CryptoMix ransomware is appending the .EXTE extension to the names of the folders it captures.

OSX/Dok malware spread via phishing to steal banking credentials

Researchers spotted a phishing campaign combined with a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack to target Mac OS users and spread the OSX/Dok malware.

Staffing agency employee allegedly distributes patient information illegally

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) has alerted more than 1,500 of a data breach caused by an employee who shared personal information with unauthorized individuals.

As security gets tough, hackers revert to living off land, report

Symantec researchers spotted attackers increasingly making use of tools already installed on targeted computers.

Android 7.1 Nougat version comes with hidden "panic detection"

Android 7.1 Nougat contains a secret panic mode designed to be triggered in the event that malware locks a user's screen.

Apple accused of playing cheap with its bug bounty

Researchers accuse Apple of playing cheap with its bug bounty payout offerings.

MIT professor proposes using stingray devices to track gunshots

A recently approved patent on a gunshot detection system has privacy advocates concerned about what we are willing to sacrifice to catch criminals.

Jahoodists misspell to cloak interactions from state surveillance

A new report has revealed the tricks IS sympathisers use to avoid automated law enforcement surveillance software.

Multinational talks of £100 mil loss as Petya/NotPetya leaves its mark

International consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has announced a large loss in revenue as it recovers from last week's Petya/NotPetya ransomware attack.

ICO sets out international vision and route to GDPR compliance

The ICO has released its international strategy, plotting its plans for Brexit and GDPR compliance.

Researcher bombards IRS and tech support scammers with robocalls

A security researcher developed a script to bombard IRS scammers with phone calls 28 times per second.

Koler ransomware campaign targets U.S. Android users

Researchers last week spotted a new variant of the Koler ransomware targeting U.S. users with fake Pornhub apps in its latest campaign.

WannaCry hits Australian traffic cameras due to human error

After recently wreaking havoc on a Japanese Honda plant, WannaCry made its way across the ocean to Australian traffic cameras.

New York Supreme Court Justice fell for $1M phishing attack

New York State Supreme Court Justice Lori Sattler was duped out of more than $1 million while trying to sell her Upper East Side apartment and purchase another.

Hacktivist hits Minnesota gov databases to protest Philando Castile verdict

The stolen credentials reportedly give access to internal databases from the server, which connects to other databases of the sites and

ECB to force all Eurozone banks to report cyber-security breaches

The European Central Bank has announced it is looking to encourage information sharing between financial institutions, and the mandatory reporting of incidents appears to be a big part of its cyber-resilience strategy.