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Private chats and user accounts could be exposed by Tinder security bug

An easy-to-exploit bug has left Tinder accounts and private chats exposed to hackers, revealed a researcher this week.

Olympics Malware attack may have been part of larger cyberespionage scheme

Researchers discovered new details in the "Olympic Destroyer" malware which targeted the Winter Olympics in n Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Waldo County, Maine, phishing attack results in data breach

A phishing attack compromised the information of Waldo County employees in Maine.

First SCADA cryptominer seen in the wild

Radiflow researchers discovered the malware attacking the OT network of a water utility company in order to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.

Cybercriminals exploiting traditional trust measures for compromises, study

Cybercriminals are exploiting traditional measures of trust to gain a foothold on users systems by compromising trusted sites.

Columbia University grad arrested for using key logger software

A Columbia University grad student was arrested for leaving key logger malware on USB sticks left throughout the campus.

Stolen adult site login credentials help fuel dark web economy

Kaspersky researchers found that access to legitimate adult sites is fueling a lucrative trade on the dark web.

Hacked cryptocurrency exchange to reimburse customers after largest heist in history

Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Sunday told customers it would be repaying about 90 percent of the $534 million worth of NEM coin stolen.

Cryptominers halting businesses in 'smash and grab attacks'

A recent uptick in cyberattacks on organizations using cryptocurrency-mining tools suggest a trend of cybercriminals using cryptominers for more disruptive and destructive attacks.

Elusive FinFisher spyware can finally be cracked, researchers believe

The elusive FinFisher spyware, which is used widely in covert surveillance campaigns, especially by oppressive nations against political opposition, could soon be cracked, researchers believe.

Florida cop bought cyberespionage software on own dime

A Florida state law enforcement officer purchased publicly available software which could allow the interception of social media messages, email and other information.

Oh, baby! Infants' Social Security numbers spotted for sale on dark web

The personal identifiable information (PII) of infants, including Social Security numbers, were spotted advertised for sale on the dark web.

KillaMuvz pleads guilty to being a sophisticated malware operator

The UK creator of malware resources Cryptex and, used by thousands in the cyber-crime world, has this week pleaded guilty to charges under the Computer Misuse Act and Proceeds of Crime Act.

£500,000 in grants up for grabs to commercialise cyber-security ideas

Academics with innovative ideas in cyber-security that have potential for commercialisation are invited to apply for grants of up to £16k from Innovate UK, working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

KillDisk wiper malware sets sights on Latin American financial organizations

A new variant of the disk wiping malware KillDisk is targeting financial firms in Latin America to wreak havoc without leaving so much as a note.

Taiwanese police reward malware laced USB sticks as prizes for cybersecurity quiz

Taiwanese police handed out malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for a security quiz given during an infosec conference in December 2017.

36 malicious apps advertised as security tools spotted in Google Play

Trend Micro researchers notified Google of a total of 36 malicious apps on Google Play posing as security tools.

Smartphone sensors exploited to steal login PINs

Nanyang Technological University researchers developed a technique to leverage a phones sensors to guess a user's PIN code.

The professional cybersecurity groups

As cybersecurity has grown in importance within organizations, professional development has become a greater priority. These groups stand out as they educate and elucidate.

Romanian police arrest five for spreading Cerber, CTB-Locker ransomware

Romanian law enforcement arrested a gang of five men who operated a ransomware distribution organization that spread Cerber and CTB-Locker.

Prilex and Cutlet Maker ATM malwares uniquely target users

Trend Micro researchers spotted two ATM malware families which raise concern of what's to come.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi caught secretly mining cryptocurrency

A tech CEO noticed the free Wi-Fi at his local Starbucks didn't exactly come without a price after discovering the network was to mining cryptocurrency.

Malware-free attacks on the rise as line between cybercrime and nation states blurs

Malware-free or fileless, attacks are on the rise as the lines between nation-state sponsored attack groups and eCrime threat actors are blurred.

Stanford University server exposes data of 10,000 staffers

The University of Stanford announced that it has left sensitive student and staff data exposed on three separate occasions over the last year.

Cryptominer uses hidden browser windows to keep on mining

A new drive-by cryptominer is using a unique technique which allows malicious site owners and threat actors to keep mining Monero.

Criminals look to machine-learning to mount cyber attacks

Cyber-criminals will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to outwit IT security and mount new forms of cyber-attacks, according to predictions made by McAfee.

Cobalt malware leverages recently patched 17-year-old Microsoft flaw

Cobalt malware was documented exploiting the 17 year old CVE-2017-11882 vulnerability.

Necurs used to infect computers with Scarab ransomware

A new strain of ransomware has been discovered that is being distributed by the Necurs botnet, according to security researchers.

qkG Filecoder ransomware exploits macros and self-replicates

Early variants of a self-replicating ransomware implemented entirely in VBA macros were discovered last week.