Cybecrime News, Articles and Updates

Manhattan DA speaks on burden of hiring hackers to beat smartphone encryption

Cy Vance spoke on the lack of federal legislation to force tech giants to make exceptions in smartphone encryption for when judicial warrants are issued.

Beware Catphishing attacks targeting the hearts of security pros

Malwarebytes researchers are warning IT workers seeking love online to beware "CatPhishing" scams which can leave entire companies devastated.

Star Wars Sith Droid botnets hijack send-to-a-friend modules to send spam

Forces of the dark side are hijacking send-to-a-friend (a.k.a. share-with-a-friend) social sharing modules to send random Star Wars quotes and malicious links.

Ordinypt wiper ransomware targets German businesses

Another wiper malware posing as a ransomware is targeting German businesses under the guise of fake job applicants inquiring about openings.

Michigan to implement 211 cybercrime hotline

A Michigan non-profit is working with federal, state, and local law enforcement to add services to the already established 211 system to serve victims of cybercrimes.

Windows Movie Maker scammers leverage Google SEO

While SEO best practices help brands reach the widest possible audiences these same tactics can also be leveraged to help cybercriminals reach the most victims.

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Mayer testified before Congress, blamed Russia

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer apologized on Wednesday for the two massive data breaches at Yahoo

Researchers find multiple malware families leveraging InPage exploit

An exploit in the InPage word processor program was used as an attack vector by three malware families.

iXintpwn/YJSNPI distributed in app stores once used to spread ZNIU

App stores that once distributed the rootkit malware used by ZNIU are now distributing a new iXintpwn/YJSNPI Variant.

Shame and confusion lead to employees paying ransoms out of pocket

Whether out of shame for being victimized or confusion over what to do more than half of employees who fell victim to a ransomware attack decided to pay the ransom amount themselves, a recent survey found.

Silence trojan targets Russian financial intuitions. mimics Carbanak gang

A new banking trojan dubbed "Silence" is using methods similar to those used by the Carbanak gang to target Russian financial institutions.

University of Iowa student arrested, charged with hacking school system to change grades

Former University of Iowa student Trevor Graves was arrested last week and charged in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Iowa with hacking into the school's system to change grades.

T-Mobile API bug may have leaked customer account data

A bug within T-Mobile's API may have allowed attackers to access customer data that can be used to carry out phishing attacks or worse.

Password reuse results in Coinhive DNS Server used to mine Monero

Password reuse resulted in an unknown hacker taking over Coinhive's DNS server and replacing it with a JavaScript in-browser Monero cryptominer.

Anonymous targets Spanish government sites in Catalan independence controversy

Hackers from the vigilante group Anonymous targeted websites run by Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport on Oct. 21 in support of the Catalan independence movement.

LokiBot Android Banking Trojan turns into ransomware in last ditch effort

An Android banking trojan dubbed LokiBot turns into a ransomware when users try to remove its admin privileges in a last ditch effort to extort the user.

Wyden, Paul introduce bill to extend, reform Section 702 surveillance authorization

The proposed legislation would require government to obtain a warrant to search for communications of people in the United States and alert targets when the information collected under Section 702 is being used against them.

Criminals mimic popular cryptocurrency exchange in Google Play

Cybercriminals took advantage of popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex's lack of an official app to dupe unsuspecting users into downloading credential stealing malware.

Elmedia unknowingly distributed OSX/Proton malware

A trojanized version of Elmedia Player software was seen being distributed via Elmedia's own official site in the late hours of Oct 20, 2017.

Are drive by cryptominers more profitable than drive-by-malware?

As cryptocurrencies grow in value researchers have taken note that cybercriminals are adapting old drive-by download style attack methods.

Leviathan group targets maritime industry with custom malware

The cyberespionage group Leviathan is targeting high-value targets in the maritime industries, naval defense contractors, and associated research institutions.

Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein pleads tech companies for 'responsible encryption'

Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein called for tech companies to use "responsible encryption."

KU student expelled after using Keystroke logger to change grades

A University of Kansas student was expelled from the school after allegedly changing his grades from an F to and A using information he obtained via a keystroke logger.

WannaCry spotted for just $50 on underground Arabic forum

WannaCry ransomware was spotted in an advertisement on the Middle Eastern and North African underground forums for $50 just two days after the malware's outbreak.

The Dark Overlord broadens cyberattacks on school districts

The Dark Overlord expanded its attacks against schools last week when it took on two districts sending texts and emails that threatened the students safety if their ransom demand was not met.