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Porn Spamming campaign targets Joomla users

Sucuri researchers spotted a pornography spam campaign targeting unpatched Joomla vulnerabilities in Search Engine Poisoning (SEP) attacks.

Man suspected of DT router DDoS attack arrested in Luton airport

A man has been arrested by agents from the National Crime Agency (NCA) following a European Arrest Warrant put out by Germany's federal police. Germans are to seek extradition of the suspect under charges of computer sabotage.

Car accident data stolen and traded illegally - London house raided

A house in Palmers Green was raided as part of an investigation into the illegal access of customer details from a nationwide car repair company prompted by concerns raised by Nationwide Accident Repairs Services (NARS)

Google Chrome users targeted with 'missing font' malware scam

Hackers are at it once again, this time targeting Google Chrome users to install a fake "missing font" and then infect them with malware.

Locker file talk? Trump ransomware found to be fraud

Bleeping Computer researchers spotted a ransomware family posing in a presidential fashion which turned out to be an imitation of an earlier variant.

Sex offender to plead guilty for hacking Clinton Foundation

A Florida sex-offender, is expected to plead guilty Thursday to trying to hack into what is believed to be the Clinton Foundation's network back in 2015.

Mirai evolves as Windows-based spreader is discovered on 500 systems

A Mirai spreader for Windows has been discovered on hundreds of systems, showing a maturing of the infamous botnet building malware.

Poorly coded ransomware attacks Macs and encrypts files

Newly discovered ransomware dubbed Patcher is targeting Mac computers, but according to researchers, the malware is so poorly coded, it locks up files for good.

Android ransomware wants to listens to you, for unlock code

Symantec researchers spotted Android ransomware that will may listen to your bursts of anger and frustration once infected.

Coachella user accounts headline dark web marketplace

More than 950,000 user accounts of the Coachella music festival allegedly are being sold on the dark web's Tochka marketplace through data trader who goes by the handle Berkut.

Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud hacked, nude photos allegedly leaked

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud account has again been hacked with as many as 200 sexually explicit images being removed.

TeamSpy malware exploits TeamViewer in phishing campaign

Heimdal Security researchers spotted a new spam campaign carrying the TeamSpy data-stealing malware.

Fake Pornhub app spreads ransomware like STDs

Those who may have jumped on the company's free Valentine's Day offer beware.

Verizon to buy Yahoo for $4.48 billion

Verizon and Yahoo announced on Tuesday that they have agreed to the price Verizon will pay to acquire Yahoo's operating business.

7,700 Manatee, Fla. school workers compromised in W-2 scam

Thousands of Manatee (Fla.) County school employees had their W-2 tax form information compromised after a district employee fell for a phishing scam .

'Internet of Evil Things' challenges security pros

The Mirai attacks marked a shift in perception of Internet of Things (IoT) device threats for 84 percent of the 868 IT professionals surveyed.

Orlando, Tampa and St. Louis have 5x's malware of US average

A recent study found computers in Tampa, Orlando and St. Louis are more than five times as likely to be infected with malware as the national average.

Pittsburgh teen launched cyberattacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyberattacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

Hackers use Mirai code, blended tactics to launch DDoS attack in 2016

The release of the Mirai botnet source code late last summer set the stage for the series of massive DDoS attacks that took place during the closing months of 2016, a new report said.

Pennsylvania court rules UPMC not responsible for securing employee data

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has ruled the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center isn't responsible for protecting employee data.

Spora ransomware may offer better customer service than your cable provider

Bleeping Computer noticed advancements in the ransomware whose customer service would give your cable provider a run for its money.

InterContinental Hotels Group announces breach at 12 U.S. properties

The InterContinental Hotels Group announced 12 of its U.S. hotels were affected by a payment card breach.

Hackers place YG and Nipsey Hussle anti-Trump song on radio stations

Anti-Trump protestors have brought their fight to the airwaves by exploiting a known vulnerability in low-power FM radio transmitters.

Privacy Issue? Pacemaker data used to charge suspected arsonist

A suspected arsonist is behind bars after police used data gleaned from the man's pacemaker with a warrant to charge him with felony arson and insurance fraud, a trend that worries privacy groups.

Flokibot trojan spotted targeting Brazilian POS infrastructure

Arbor Networks researchers spotted the Flokibot malware family to target Point of Sale Infrastructure in Brazil and other countries.

Suspected members of Phineas Fisher hacking group arrested in Spain

The Autonomous Police force of Catalan says its officers have arrested three suspected hackers connected to Phineas Fisher which famously breached the Hacking Team.

2.5 million XBOX 360 and PSP ISO forum accounts breached

An unidentified hacker reportedly breached the XBOX 360 and PlayStation Portable ISO forums compromising 2.5 million gamer accounts.

CIA's Directorate of Digital Innovation here to stay

Efforts made by former CIA Director John Brennan to modernize the CIA have paid off and will carry on under the new administration.

LeakedSource apparently raided by law enforcement

Ethically questionable for-profit breach notification site LeakedSource has apparently vanished after beign raided by law enforcement.