Cyber Attack News, Articles and Updates

FTC finds thieves attempt to use stolen data within 9 min of breach

In an effort to see what happens after a data breach, the Federal Trade Commission leaked a database of 100 fake customers.

XData ransomware uptick spotted in wake of WannaCry

ESET researchers spotted XData ransomware making rounds a week after the global WannaCryptor scare.

Cylance spots Qakbot malware updates to target more systems

Cylance researchers spotted enhancements on the Qakbot malware that enable it to infect new systems and lock out administrators.

Hacked in Translation, researchers discover subtitle takeover attack

Check Point researchers developed a proof of concept attack vector which can take over a user's device by exploiting how subtitles are loaded by the user's media player.

DDoS attacks shorter and more frequent: 80% now take less than an hour

During Q1 2017, a reduction in average DDoS attack duration was witnessed, thanks to the prevalence of botnet-for-hire services that commonly used short, low-volume bursts.

Federal insider threats still not properly addressed despite progress

Federal agencies are setting up more formal insider threat prevention programs at a much higher rate but few have seen progress as a result.

DocuSign's stolen emails lead to phishing attacks

Threat actors are using stolen DocuSign customer emails in a phishing campaign to spread malicious Word Documents.

Insider threat faces $300K fine for hacking former employer

A California man is facing a $318,661.70 fine to cover the cost of repairing his former employers systems.

SEC orders Chinese hackers to pay $9M for hacking law firms for trade secrets

Three Chinese hackers were ordered by a Federal Judge in Manhattan to pay a combined total of approximately $9 million in fines.

Bondnet 007.01 botnet seizes servers to farm cryptocurrency

The sky may have fallen causing agents and servers across the globe to go rogue as the Bondnet 007.01 botnet army seizes victims to do its bidding.

John Connor is that you? Man attacks security robot

An intoxicated gentleman who may or may not have been in fear of unsecured robots decided to take a preemptive strike against a 300lb security robot.

Cat, Mouse, RAT?: Felismus poses powerful threat

Researchers spotted a remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed Felismus which has a modular construction that allows it to hide or extend its capabilities.

Cozy Bear targeted French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron: Trend Micro

Trend Micro researchers said Fancy Bear, also known as Pawn Storm, targeted several elections including the Emmanuel Macron presidential campaign in France.

Hackers launch Delta fake ticket receipt scam

Heimdal Security researchers spotted fraudsters sending phishing emails under the guise of blank Delta Airlines' ticket confirmations.

Cardinal RAT reigns under the radar two years

Palo Alto Networks researchers spotted a previously unknown remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed the Cardinal RAT which uses a unique technique involving malicious Excel macros.

Attackers caught defacing sites with difficult to spot techniques

Sucuri researchers spotted a campaign of attacks defacing websites using an obfuscation technique that made detection difficult.

Miley Cyrus, Rosario Dawson and Suki Waterhouse claimed by Celebgate 2.0

Miley Cyrus, Rosario Dawson and Suki Waterhouse have joined the ranks of Celebgate victims.

U.S. Postal Service-themed spam delivers three banking trojans

Malwarebytes researchers spotted an uptick in United States Postal Service (USPS) themed malspam delivering one of three banking trojans.

MYOB phishing campaign wants to mind your business

MailGuard researchers spotted a phishing campaign impersonating Australian payment solutions software firm MYOB in order to spread malware.

Mac malware spikes 744 percent, still not a big deal

Mac malware increased by a whopping 744 percent in 2016 but it's still not as big of a threat as Windows or even Android malware

Wordpress hard pressed by malicious javascript and trojans

Researchers spotted a backdoor trojan that uses torrents as a delivery medium and uses distributed brute force attacks.

Fancy Bear accused of stealing IAAF athlete data

Russian APT group Fancy Bear is believed to have struck again, this time compromising the medical data of more than 80 International IAAF athletes.

Millions of college credentials spotted on dark web, report

Researchers found 13,930,176 email addresses and passwords on the dark web stemming from major universities across the country.