Cyber Attack News, Articles and Updates

British hacker arrested for cyberattacks against Pokemon, Google, and Skype.

A British computer hacker was arrested on charges stemming from launching thousands of cyber-attacks against firms including Pokemon, Google, and Skype.

KillaMuvz pleads guilty to being a sophisticated malware operator

The UK creator of malware resources Cryptex and, used by thousands in the cyber-crime world, has this week pleaded guilty to charges under the Computer Misuse Act and Proceeds of Crime Act.

Proposed Pentagon plan sees nuclear response to some cyberattacks

A massive and crippling cyberattack upon the United States' infrastructure could elicit a nuclear response under a newly drafted strategy that has been presented to President Trump.

£500,000 in grants up for grabs to commercialise cyber-security ideas

Academics with innovative ideas in cyber-security that have potential for commercialisation are invited to apply for grants of up to £16k from Innovate UK, working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Skygofree malware displays never-before-seen surveillance features

Kaspersky researchers analyzed what they described as one of the most powerful Android malware.

KillDisk wiper malware sets sights on Latin American financial organizations

A new variant of the disk wiping malware KillDisk is targeting financial firms in Latin America to wreak havoc without leaving so much as a note.

Cryptominer malwares in RIG EK spread via malvertising

Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura analyzed a RIG exploit campaign distributing malware coin miners.

North Korean Monero miner: educational tool or weapon prototype?

A North Korean cryptominer is raising questions as to whether it is a tool or a prototype to carry out silent attacks on unsuspecting CPUs.

FTC fines VTech toy firm over data breach

The Federal Trade commission fined toy firm VTech $650,000 as part of a settlement for violating a U.S. children's privacy laws.

Ukrainian software company compromised to spread Zeus banking trojan

Cybercriminals launched a cyberattack using the official website of a Ukraine-based accounting software developer to distribute a new variant of Zeus over a. Ukrainian holiday.

36 malicious apps advertised as security tools spotted in Google Play

Trend Micro researchers notified Google of a total of 36 malicious apps on Google Play posing as security tools.

BEC scam lands Nigerian Man in jail for 41 months

A Nigerian Man was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his part in business compromises which swindled more than $25 million.

#OpIsrael attacks feared in response to U.S. moving embassy to Jerusalem

Anonymous collective recently declared that they would be launching attacks against any and all websites deemed to be affiliated.

Banking trojans sneak into Google Play again

Banking trojans have once again made their way past Google Play's security mechanisms, this time to target the Polish Financial sector.

BlackBerry pitches connected car security recommendations, self-driving truck huge cybercrime target

As our cars become more connected and our society moves closer to wide spread autonomous driving, companies are calling for national standards to secure devices.

Naked rower's site hit by DDoS following Russia ban

The website used to peddle merchandise for the University of Warwick's rowing club was hit by a DDoS attack.

Tizi spyware made it into Google Play store

Google is warning users of a socially engineered spyware named Tizi that that looks to steal sensitive data from popular social media sites including WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

Beware Catphishing attacks targeting the hearts of security pros

Malwarebytes researchers are warning IT workers seeking love online to beware "CatPhishing" scams which can leave entire companies devastated.

Star Wars Sith Droid botnets hijack send-to-a-friend modules to send spam

Forces of the dark side are hijacking send-to-a-friend (a.k.a. share-with-a-friend) social sharing modules to send random Star Wars quotes and malicious links.

Man charged for using vDOS hacker for hire against Minnesota firm

Federal prosecutors are charging John Kelsey Gammell with using hackers for hire to launch DDoS attacks against former employers.

Americans worry about cybercrime more than they worry about car theft

American's are worrying more about becoming victims of cybercrime far more than they are worrying about becoming victims of conventional crimes.

iXintpwn/YJSNPI distributed in app stores once used to spread ZNIU

App stores that once distributed the rootkit malware used by ZNIU are now distributing a new iXintpwn/YJSNPI Variant.

RIG EK used to spread Matrix ransomware via malvertising

Matrix ransomware is now being distributed via the RIG exploit kit on various sites displaying malvertising.

Password reuse results in Coinhive DNS Server used to mine Monero

Password reuse resulted in an unknown hacker taking over Coinhive's DNS server and replacing it with a JavaScript in-browser Monero cryptominer.

DUHK, DUHK, DUHK stolen encryption key attack

After the KRACK epidemic and the ROCA scare the latest DUHK cryptography attack may more of a threat than its quacked up to be for old Fortinet FortiGare devices.