Cyber Attack News, Articles and Updates

Crook gets 20 years for literal domain hijacking at gunpoint

A man was sentenced to 20 years in prison after giving a new meaning to the term domain-hijacking when attempting to forcibly steal a domain name from someone at gunpoint.

Reset 2018: Stuxnet - the prototype for industrial control attacks

The keynote speaker at yesterday's Reset 2018 was Kim Zetter, an investigative journalist and author of an acclaimed book on Stuxnet (Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the launch of the world's first digital weapon).

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality website hacked

The incident was reported on May 22 after the intrusion was "detected and contained quickly."

It's FIFA World Cup season, do you know where your cybersecurity pros are?

With nearly half the world watching, odds are several security professionals will be looking to sneak a peak of the game which could be bad for the security of your business.

DHS documents 'only a matter of time' until airline hack

The statement came from a Department of Energy government research laboratory focusing on the lab's findings around aviation cybersecurity and was included in government internal presentations and risk assessments.

Prowli campaign monetized 40K machines across various industries

The campaign dubbed Operation Prowli was observed targeting vulnerable platforms, including CMS servers, backup servers, DSL modems and IOT devices to mine cryptocurrency, promote fake websites and run tech support scams,

Atlanta cyberattack destroyed critical police evidence

The attack wiped out the city police department's dashcam footage archive, which could compromise DUI cases and has already left a Police Department investigator unable to produce a critical piece of evidence during testimony.

Buffalo Wild Wings apologizes after racist tirade from hacked account

Buffalo Wild Wings apologized for a series of racist and vulgar tweets sent from its Twitter account which appears to have been hacked Friday night.

State elections systems still hackable, report

Recent data breaches, vulnerable voting machines, inconsistent security practices a complex decentralized election system provide several attack vectors for attackers looking to influence elections.

'Cyber incident' leaves Eventbrite-owned Ticketfly offline, ransom demanded.

The company didn't specify whether or not user information has been compromised but did acknowledge the incident in a tweet.

Still only 1/3 of companies have cyber insurance despite increasing risks and costs

Schneider Electric CISO Tony Parrillo and Aon Risk Solutions Senior Vice President James C. Trainor discussed cyber insurance at SC Media's RiskSec.

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain may push back Mainnet launch

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain and smart contracts platform may push back the Mainnet launch scheduled for June 2.

Cybercriminals on average have seven-day window of opportunity to attack

Cybercriminals on average have a week to attack before potential victims even know they're vulnerable.

Flaw in Git could result in remote code execution

Vulnerability patched in Git source code versioning software. Security researchers have discovered a number of flaws in Git that could have enabled hackers to run remote code on a victim's PC.

Open ports left over 1,000 SingTel routers vulnerable to cyber-attacks

More than 1,000 owners of Wi-Fi routers were left exposed to potential cyber-attacks after Singapore Telecommunications Limited forgot to secure port 10000 in its Wi-Fi gigabit router devices.

Canadian banks warn data breach may have affected 90,000 customers

Hackers may have stolen bank data from 90,0000 Canadian customers

New Confucius malware campaign has links to Patchwork cybergang

New tools and techniques used by the Confucius cybergangs suggest further connections between the group and the Patchwork cybergang.

Baltimore-based LifeBridge Health breach impacts half a million patients

LifeBridge Health is notifying 500,000 patients that their personal information was exposed in a data breach.

Former Marvel exec Stan Lee claims Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked

Comic-book writer Stan Lee appears to have sent a beacon to assemble his fans and Mark Zuckerberg after discovering his Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked.

Sun Team's RedDawn campaign targets North Korean defectors and journalist

The second campaign from the "Sun Team" hacking group managed to sneak its way into the Google Play Store that actively targeted North Korean defectors.

Man behind Scan4you service convicted

Ruslans Bondars, 37, a of the former USSR who had been residing in Riga, Latvia, Wednesday was convicted of one count of conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and one count of computer intrusion with intent to cause damage and aiding and abetting.

NigelThorn malware exploits Google Chrome zero-day

A zero-day exploiting malware capable of performing credential theft, cryptomining, click fraud, and more has already infected more than 100,000 users from over 100 countries

Paris Hilton's hacker steals $130K plus nude photos

A woman who pled guilty to hacking into Parris Hilton' bank accounts and iCloud accounts to steal nude photos and over a $100,000 is scheduled for sentencing Monday.

Spartacus ransomware shows sparse features can still fight hard

A new ransomware named after a gladiator is demonstrating how even malware with sparse features can get still get wreak havoc on unsuspecting users.

PUBG Corp. says 15 Chinese hackers arrested

PUBG Corp. announced the arrest of 15 hackers in China who were accused of developing, selling, promoting, and using unauthorized hacking/cheating programs