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Buffalo Wild Wings apologizes after racist tirade from hacked account

Buffalo Wild Wings apologized for a series of racist and vulgar tweets sent from its Twitter account which appears to have been hacked Friday night.

Former Marvel exec Stan Lee claims Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked

Comic-book writer Stan Lee appears to have sent a beacon to assemble his fans and Mark Zuckerberg after discovering his Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked.

Microsoft worker pleads not guilty in ransomware case

A Florida man has been charged with federal charges related to the Reveton ransomware scam that prosecutors say he helped operate prior to his hiring at Microsoft.

Government push for email authentication helps cut back on BEC scams, study

Despite major investments in cybersecurity, email fraud continues to rise as cybercriminals' tactics become more advanced.

Gwent Police sat on data breach exposure for a year before informing ICO

Gwent Police failed to inform up to 450 people that hackers may have accessed their confidential information after it found that an online tool that allowed citizens to report incidents to the Police was exposed to hackers.

BeeToken customers duped out of $1 million worth of Ethereum in phishing scam

BeeToken customers were duped out of more than $1 million worth of Ethereum in a phishing scam targeting BeeToken's initial coin offering (ICO).

Teligram? Fake Telegram app contains malvertising

A phony and malicious application imitating the Telegram app made its way into the Google Play Store posing as a newer updated version of the popular messaging app.

Missouri man gets six years for stealing code, child pornography

A Parkville, Mo. man was sentenced to six years in prison for illegally entering his former employer's computer system to remove code and for having child pornography on his home computer.

Legal Battle Royale building over Fortnite Battle Royale game

A Battle Royale is developing around the Fortnite game Battle Royale with the news that the game's maker, Epic Games, is suing a 14-year-old player for buying and using cheat codes that the company claims cost it money.

Necurs used to infect computers with Scarab ransomware

A new strain of ransomware has been discovered that is being distributed by the Necurs botnet, according to security researchers.

Group IB, INTERPOL sign data exchange agreement

Group IB, the cybersecuirty firm that uncovered the BadRabbit ransomware attacks in October, inked a threat-exchange agreement with INTERPOL.

Elmedia unknowingly distributed OSX/Proton malware

A trojanized version of Elmedia Player software was seen being distributed via Elmedia's own official site in the late hours of Oct 20, 2017.

Are drive by cryptominers more profitable than drive-by-malware?

As cryptocurrencies grow in value researchers have taken note that cybercriminals are adapting old drive-by download style attack methods. founder sentenced to prison after pleading guilty for hacking competitor

The founder of a professional networking site was sentenced to a year and one day in prison after hacking into a competitor's database.

ATMii ATM malware, simple yet effective

A new family of ATM malware, dubbed ATMii, which is using legitimate proprietary libraries and a small piece of code to cause the machines to spit out money.

CBS's Showtime sites silently used Monero Miners on user's browsers

CBS's Showtime is the latest site to silently mine cryptocurrencies off of the systems of unsuspecting users in the latest trend of cryptocurrency miner infections.

Aggressive campaign spreads Locky variant with single identifier

An aggressive ransomware campaign is infecting victims with a Locky variant that only uses a single identifier for all of its victims.

Houston man sentenced to 27 months for hospital hack

A Houston man was sentenced to 27 months in prison for hacking into the Centerville Clinic computer system, disabling all administrative controls and using the health care facilities credit card to make purchases at Staples.