Cyber Espionage News, Articles and Updates

China may have hacked secret CIA communication to kill or imprison U.S. informants

China seriously crippled U.S. Intelligence operations by systematically killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources.

Goddess of cyberwar: Athena CIA tool subject of latest WikiLeaks Vault 7 dump

WikiLeaks on Friday published materials related to a malware implant called Athena, which enables remote beacon and loader capabilities on targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows versions XP through 10.

OceanLotus APT acting in accordance with Vietnamese interests, researchers report

An APT group whose actions appear to align with Vietnamese state interests has been actively compromising private corporations and targeting foreign governments, dissidents and media since at least 2014, according to researchers at FireEye.

Researchers link new backdoor and Mac-based rootkit to Turla spy group

The Turla advanced persistent threat group appears to have recently created both a new multiplatform backdoor malware program called Kazuar, and a MacOS version of its Uroburos espionage rootkit.

Microsoft bug linked to spy campaigns, bank thefts reportedly took 6 months to fix

A zero-day bug in Microsoft Office and WordPad that hackers exploited to spy on targeted users, implant malware, and steal banking credentials took nine months to fix, according to news reports.

Cozy Bear targeted French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron: Trend Micro

Trend Micro researchers said Fancy Bear, also known as Pawn Storm, targeted several elections including the Emmanuel Macron presidential campaign in France.

SMSVova spyware downloaded millions of times from Google Play store since 2014

A spyware program disguised as an app that dispenses Android updates was downloaded between 1 and 5 million times before being pulled from Google's official U.S. Play Store, according to researchers at Zscaler.

Tracking pixels could lead to your next phishing attack

Check Point researchers warn tracking pixels could be used to compromise enterprise security in phishing attacks.

U.K. Foreign Office targeted by Callisto Group hackers

Attackers targeted the U.K.'s Foreign Office with a spear-phishing campaign believed to have begun in April 2016.

Mac malware spikes 744 percent, still not a big deal

Mac malware increased by a whopping 744 percent in 2016 but it's still not as big of a threat as Windows or even Android malware

Chrysaor spyware's live audio recording capability called sophisticated and elaborate

The recently uncovered Chrysaor spyware tool has an amazingly complex and stealthy way to record audio that is able to fly under the user's radar.

Report: Chinese APT compromised trade association's website to keep tabs on members

A Chinese APT is accused of compromising the website of the National Foreign Trade Council in an attempt to spy on the trade association's members.

Research links four malware programs to campaign targeting U.S. and Middle Eastern users

A joint research investigation has shed light on a recently discovered malware campaign that aims to infect U.S. and Middle Eastern targets with four distinct families of Windows and Android-based downloaders and information stealers.

'Carbon' copies: ESET continues to find new variants of backdoor used by Turla Group

Carbon, a second-stage backdoor used in campaigns executed by the Turla group, continues to be actively updated regularly, according to ESET, which recently observed new variations in the malware's processes, file names and mutexes.

Saudi Arabia hit with cyberespionage spearphishing campaign

About a dozen Saudi Arabian agencies were singled out for spearphishing attacks aimed at placing cyberespionage malware on government computers using an infected Word document.

Cybersecurity spending varies but best practices still save

It's no secret that calculating an individual or company's risk varies between each task as the economics of cybersecurity remain uncertain.

Hired Hackers target driverless car tech prompting threat sharing colab

A group of cyber mercenaries targeted Baidu's driverless car technology prompting the tech company to beef up security.

Report: Cloud-based spyware NexusLogger sold in guise of 'parental monitoring tool'

A new cloud-based keylogger has hit the market, resulting in a small number of cybercriminals attempting to infect businesses and collect keystrokes, system information, stored passwords, screenshots, and game credentials.

IT pros fear cyberespionage may be top 2017 threat

A recent Trend Micro study found 20 percent of IT leaders believe cyberespionage will be the top threat of 2017.

WikiLeaks revelations on CIA capabilities worry China

The most recent WikiLeaks data dump has China concerned that the United States has the ability to hack into devices manufactured by Chinese companies.

Reports cast suspicion on Trump server, political consultant

One report suggests a possible computer server connection between the Trump organization and a Russian bank, while another alleges that a Trump advisor was in contact with Russian hackers during the presidential election.