Cyberattack News, Articles and Updates

SWIFT codes targeted in Union Bank of India cyberattack

Hackers launched an attack against Union Bank of India that was very similar to the attack Bangladesh bank heist that resulted in the theft of $81 million.

Bowling Green, Ky., cyberattacks lead to Turkish hacker

The probe of a U.S.-based Turkish hacker shed light on an Austrian intelligence agency dispute and found that the Bowling Green attacks may have been real after all, just cyber

Securing smart cities requires collaboration

"Cybersecurity is a service and the service is enterprise is risk management," City of San Diego Chief Information Security Officer, Deputy Director Gary Hayslip

Pittsburgh teen launched cyberattacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyberattacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

Pennsylvania court rules UPMC not responsible for securing employee data

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has ruled the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center isn't responsible for protecting employee data.

Leet Botnet vies with Mirai for 2016 DDoS crown

The Leet Botnet may have wrested the 2016 crown as most powerful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from Mirai with a 650 Gigabit per second (Gbps) attack launched early last week.

Japanse SDF officials mum over reported cyberattack

Japanese Defense Ministry and Self-Defense Force (SDF) was targeted in September by a sophisticated cyberattack, according to sources cited by The Japan Times.

Cybercriminals, as usual, make the Naughty List

Retailers and shoppers hardly need to see Santa's Naughty or Nice list to know where most cybercriminals will land this year, although probably not all.

Russian banks suffer wave of DDoS attacks

Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that numerous Russian banks have been suffering a wave of DDoS attacks.

Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion

An 18-year-old from Sussex has triumphed at the Cyber Security Challenge UK 2016, making him the youngest ever winner of the competition.

SSL handshake weakness leaves MacOS, iOS devices open to MitM attacks

A fundamental fault in the SSL handshake could allow hackers to use subvert MacOS and iOS devices and recruit them into a DDoS attack.

U.S. vigilante hacker takes over Russian Foreign Ministry site

A self-described patriotic American vigilante hacker named Jester reportedly took over the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on Friday in retaliation for alleged Russian cyberattacks on the United States.

Cyber cartels launder money via gamer currencies

Trend Micro researchers found that cybercriminals are using video game currency to launder real world money.

Cerber 4.0 spotted in EKs just a month after 3.0 release

Trend Micro researchers have spotted several exploit kits delivering Cerber 4.0 ransomware just a month after the release of version 3.

Hype hampers understanding of cyber-security says Aussie government

A report by the Australian Cyber-Security Centre says that the misuse and over-hyping of cyber-security terms has hampered the public's ability to understand cyber-security issues.

U.S. vows cyber counterattack against Russia

The Obama administration will deliver what is being described as a "proportional" response against Russia in retaliation for that country launching a series of cyberattacks against U.S. political targets.

Top five email phishing attack lures revealed and how to prevent them

Phishing remains one of the top threats seen by organisations today. Threat actors use various social engineering tricks to convince users that their requests for information or money transfers are legitimate.

More upper level participation needed as data breaches increase, study

As the number of data breaches increases a recent study found that execs and board members should be more involved in data breach planning.

Russian anti-terrorism law allows security firms to hack Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp

A recently passed Russian law has given that country's security firms the green light to crack encrypted communications services.

Researcher finds flaws in industrial control devices

A number of vulnerabilities found in an industrial automation device could allow hackers to take control of machinery.

And the country with the most bot Infections is... Turkey

Researchers at Symantec's Norton division found that Turkey has the largest number of "bot" infections with one bot for every 1,139 internet users.

Attack on South Korean "vaccine" router blamed on North Korea

North Korea is suspect number one in an attack against South Korea's cyber command last month, according to a member of the main opposition party, Minjoo.

General says U.S. soldiers need better cyber training

The U.S. Army must begin training its soldiers to endure and then continue to fight after suffering a cyberattack on the battlefield.

Secure your devices, Mirai source code release means mayhem

The malware spreads by continuously scanning the web for vulnerable devices using default or hard-coded usernames and passwords.

DressCode spotted in 3K Android apps, 400 in Google Play

DressCode malware spotted in thousands of apps and could pose a serious threat to enterprise networks.

SSH brute force attacks compromise servers for DDoS attacks

Sucuri researcher Daniel Cid found that it only took an attacker 12 minutes to compromise an IPv4 server, and shortly after launch DDoS attacks.

New NATO report claims China's cyber-space influence continues to grow

A new report by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE) has shown a comprehensive overview of the evolving Chinese cyber-structures.

Android.Lockerscreen using pseudorandom passcodes to ensure payouts

The Android.Lockerscreen ransomware is now using pseudorandom numbers and other tactics to prevent victims from unlocking devices without paying.

Tesla security updates includes code signing feature

Tesla has releases a major firmware update in response to a video posted by a group of Chinese researchers that displayed a series of vulnerabilities the electric car company's vehicles.