Client-Side Security: A Critical Component of 3rd Party Risk, Zero-Trust Initiatives, Compliance and More

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Security practitioners have many different initiatives demanding their time: evaluating and mitigating 3rd party risk, enabling strategic business efforts, implementing zero-trust practices, and supporting compliance activities, to name just a few. Often overlooked in these initiatives is a security gap that is critical to close if any of these initiatives are to be complete. 

In this presentation, Solution Architect Matthew McGuirk will present the essential facts about client-side risk and security to arm security leaders with the information they need to address this crucial problem in all of their domains of practice.

It is important to understand that: 

  • Client-side risk is 3rd party supply chain risk 
  • Client-side security is critical to any zero-trust initiatives
  • Securing the client-side is absolutely fundamental to compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR and other data privacy mandates 
  • Addressing the client-side actually enables the business to do more, without fear of security or compliance violations 

By providing an understandable, plain-language overview of the security gap that exists on essentially every website -- the threat of client-side attacks -- this presentation will show how this problem can be solved effectively and definitively while also bolstering key security initiatives to ensure business value and strategic alignment.



Matthew McGuirk

Solution Architect, Office of the CTO

Source Defense

Matt McGuirk is an expert in JavaScript, web technologies, and both client-side risk and client-side attacks. He has over 15 years of experience in web application development, website administration, and cybersecurity. Additionally, he has provided consultation and analysis to Fortune 50 companies on how best to secure their customer-facing web properties and business critical web applications. Matt lives in the American Northeast with his wife and two dogs.


John Kinsella

Co-founder & CTO


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