Archived: Customer Onboarding: An Industry-by-Industry Look at Account-Creation Fraud

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

The process of signing up a new customer has opposing objectives at play. On one hand, you want to ensure the account sign-up process is quick and painless for legitimate users. But you also want to have enough safeguards in place to weed out fraudsters, identity thieves, and bots who attempt to create fake accounts to cause financial and reputational harm. New account fraud is prevalent across every industry; however, the attacks, strategies, and consequences will vary – as do the verification and risk-assessment frameworks organizations must implement to protect their business and their customers. This webcast will explore:

  • The state of new account fraud and its costly ramifications
  • Notable differences across a series of business sectors, including finance, tech, and retail
  • Solutions that prevent fraud while simultaneously reducing the costs of customer onboarding



Blake Picolo

Product Manager


Blake Picolo is the Product Manager for TeleSign's Score risk engine. He has 10 years of identity industry experience including roles in both biometrics and communications-based identity and fraud products. Blake is an SME at combining communications and digital identity signals to ensure a secure and trusted onboarding process.


Bradley Barth

Director of Community Content

CyberRisk Alliance

As director of community content at CyberRisk Alliance, Bradley Barth develops content for SC Media online conferences and events, as well as video/multimedia projects. For nearly six years, he wrote and reported for SC Media as deputy editor and, before that, senior reporter. He was previously a program executive with the tech-focused PR firm Voxus. Past journalistic experience includes stints as business editor at Executive Technology, a staff writer at New York Sportscene and a freelance journalist covering travel and entertainment. In his spare time, Bradley also writes screenplays.

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