Archived: DDoS Attacks March On…and On…and On

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Cybercriminals may have launched a few less DDoS attacks in 2021, but after the extraordinary rise during the pandemic, the attacks (still 14% more than pre-pandemic) continue to evolve with new strategies for disrupting networks and extorting targets. Adversaries continue to evolve in parallel to defenders making it just as, or more difficult than ever to defend against DDoS attacks that cause massive collateral damage, revenue loss, and outages.
Join NETSCOUT and discover all of the trends found in the latest Threat Intelligence Report including:

  • Asymmetric Attacks; triple extortion, botnets, DDoS for hire
  • Server-Class Botnets and the damage they can inflict
  • DDoS for Hire now available to all
  • Disrupting Layer 4 TLS encrypted applications and services



Richard Hummel

Manager of Threat Intelligence


Richard Hummel has over a dozen years of experience in the intelligence field and is currently the Threat Intelligence Research Lead for NETSCOUT's ASERT Research Team. Previously, he served as Manager and Principal Analyst on the FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence’s Financial Gain team. He began his career as a Signals Intelligence Analyst with the United States Army. During the course of his service he became certified in Digital Network Intelligence and supported multiple operations overseas including a deployment to Iraq.

After departing from the Army as an enlisted soldier, he began contracting work as a Computer Network Operations analyst in support of the Army. During his tenure as a contractor, he developed many methods and procedures for conducting Cyber Discovery and trained analysts at Army INSCOM HQ's. At FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence, he led a team of technical analysts in the tracking, reporting, and analysis of various cyber crime related malware families.


Bill Brenner

VP, Content

CyberRisk Alliance

Bill Brenner is VP of Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance -- an InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. He was formerly director of research at IANS, senior writer/content strategist at Sophos, senior tech writer for Akamai Technology's Security Intelligence Research Team (Akamai SIRT), managing editor for and senior writer for

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