Evening the Odds Against Overpowered Cyber Adversaries: A Business Impact Analysis

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

Cyber threats are costing businesses more than you even realize.

In a recent survey of 3,000 security and IT leaders, 55% of respondents said that dealing with cyberthreats has negatively impacted their IT team’s work on other projects, while 64% said that efforts to combat the latest threats were taking away valuable time and resources from more strategic IT pursuits.

Bottom line: More than ever, today’s adversaries are faster, more sophisticated and better equipped to dynamically shift their strategies for infiltrating organizations. Meanwhile, many security teams are struggling just to keep up with constant alerts that need to be prioritized and investigated. Clearly, it’s time to send in the cavalry.

Join Sophos for this webinar, which will not only detail the impacts that adversaries have on your business operations and employees, but also present a key three-step approach that can help even the playing field against these actors. Learn how the introduction of better security controls, automated solutions and third-party services can help you to “accelerate your defender flywheel” by:
• implementing a more scalable incident response process that accelerates response time
• leveraging adaptive defenses to slow down adversaries
• creating a virtuous cycle that improves protection and lowers cost


John Shier

Field CTO


John Shier is a Field CTO Commercial at Sophos with more than two decades of cybersecurity experience. He’s passionate about protecting consumers and organizations from advanced threats, and has researched everything from costly ransomware to illicit dark web activity, uncovering insights needed to strengthen proactive cybersecurity defenses. John is often consulted by press, and has been quoted in publications like Reuters, WIRED, Fortune, CNN, The Hill, Fast Co, Yahoo, and more. He’s also a frequent speaker at industry events like RSA Conference, Infosec, Cebit, Gitex, and more.