How to Control Access to Cloud Resources and SaaS Applications

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

With the rapidly accelerating move to cloud computing and the use of SaaS applications, organizations are struggling with legacy technologies like VPN, CASB, and “Legacy” MFA solutions that are either not secure enough, not easy enough for end users or both. What is emerging is modern, fundamentally strong multi-factor authentication that is enabling organizations to dial in security controls without adversely impacting worker productivity or turning off consumers. Moving beyond password-based authentication and deploying stronger MFA is now possible and a good start, but just a first step on the journey to advanced authentication and access control needed to achieve zero trust.

Discussion points:

  • A brief history of authentication
  • Changing requirements in the work from anywhere and cloud-centric business model
  • Avoiding the UX/Security tradeoff dilemma 
  • A case for continuous user and device authentication
  • What is device risk and why is the real-time assessment of endpoint security a critically important factor? 
  • How does BYOD fit into the equation?
  • What are the key elements of an ideal solution?



Patrick McBride

Chief Marketing Officer

Beyond Identity

Patrick has served as CMO of ZeroFOX and Claroty, as VP of Marketing at iSIGHT Partners and Xceedium, VP of Compliance at Scalable Software, Co-founder and CEO of META Security Group, and Senior Vice President at META Group. Patrick received a bachelor’s degree in management from Keene State College in New Hampshire.

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