2:00 PM ET

Key cloud security priorities for the second half of 2024

Live Webcast|1 hour

Join us for a crucial webcast addressing the pivotal cloud security priorities that will define the second half of 2024. As organizations continue to embrace cloud technologies, the landscape of cloud security evolves at an unprecedented pace. Our expert panel will delve into the strategic imperatives crucial for securing cloud environments in the coming months. Explore topics ranging from the latest advancements in cloud security technologies to compliance considerations and proactive risk management strategies. Whether you're migrating to the cloud or optimizing existing cloud infrastructure, this webcast will provide actionable insights to fortify your organization against evolving cyber threats.


J. Wolfgang Goerlich

Wolfgang Goerlich is a CISO in the public sector. Prior to this role, he led IT and IT security in the healthcare, financial services, and tech verticals. Wolfgang has held senior positions at several consulting firms, leading security advisory and assessment practices. He is a strong presence in the security community, contributing to the establishment and organization of multiple groups and events. Wolfgang focuses on strategy, governance, identity and access management, and resilience.

Adrian Sanabria
Principal Researcher
The Defenders Initiative

Adrian is an outspoken researcher that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. He loves to write about the security industry, tell stories, and still sees the glass as half full.

Dustin Sachs
Chief Technologist and Senior Director of Programs
CyberRisk Alliance

Dr. Dustin Sachs is the Chief Technologist and Sr. Director of Programs at CyberRisk Alliance.  He is a highly accomplished cybersecurity professional with a proven track record in risk management, compliance, incident response, and threat mitigation.  He is CISSP-certified and holds a Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.  Dr. Sachs has worked in various industries, including public utilities, food distribution, and oil and gas.  He is a respected thought leader in the cybersecurity community.