Platform for Platforms: Developing Modern Applications at the Edge

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Developing applications and web experiences that meet the needs of the modern user is a robust challenge for any organization. Join Fastly’s Travis Sanders, Principal Global Technology Solution Architect, in his discussion of the value of one unified platform for application and website innovation. During this webinar, Travis and Brock will highlight:

  • The challenges facing developers while building modern applications.
  • What is the edge, why it matters, and how it can help time to value.
  • What building on a single platform can unlock for your business.



Travis Sanders


Travis Sanders has been part of technology for over two decades, working in government, healthcare, commerce, and media industries. With a focus on helping make the web faster, more secure, and more reliable, Travis works with global companies to evangelize Fastly's increasing product capabilities.


Brock Norvell


Brock Norvell has been involved in technology since the 80’s, working across many technologies and industries. He loves solving complex and intricate problems, and is currently focused on helping make the web a better place for everyone.