Security That Empowers the Business

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Security has long been seen as the "department of no", known for phrases like, "You can't do that", and "You can't use that application."

But what if we told you that this mindset could change in an instant? That and security could be the business enabler it was meant to be? 

Join "Security That Empowers the Business" with Chris Cochran of Axonius to discuss how security can enable a business to push farther, faster, and more intelligently.

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  • How security enables both innovation and speed
  • What obstacles could impede the security and business relationship
  • The secret to overcoming any business-related friction



Chris Cochran

Creative Director of Media


Chris Cochran is the Creative Director of Media at Axonius by day and producer/ host of the award-winning Hacker Valley Studio podcast by night. Chris is prior active duty US Marine Corps intelligence, which led him to a career in cybersecurity. He has dedicated that career to building and leading advanced cybersecurity missions at organizations such as the National Security Agency, US Cyber Command, Mandiant, and Netflix. His ultimate passion is finding and amplifying human stories in cybersecurity to inspire and enlighten our community.

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