The Easiest Way to Enhance your Salesforce Security

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Salesforce provides business-critical services for organizations interfacing with a vast matrix of suppliers, vendors, partners and customers. Unfortunately, the more connected the organization, the more appealing it is cyber criminals looking to gain access to these companies’ data and networks, and they’re targeting the Salesforce platform to do it.
Companies adopt Salesforce with dreams of streamlined processes and enhanced customer experiences. But the topic of application security is met with nightmares of complex technology integrations and endless development hours. 
In this webinar we will show you how F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce secures the digital transformation process with seamless security.

Join us to discover: 

  • How attackers are using Salesforce as a new attack vector
  • What we’ve prevented from infiltrating organizations Salesforce environments
  • Why our customers trust our solution support their digital transformation initiatives with Salesforce



Alex Brandon

Global Sales Director, Cloud Protection for Salesforce


Having previously worked at Salesforce, Alex has extensive knowledge of their core offerings such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Experience Cloud. With this unique point of view, he leads F-Secure's alliance partnership with Salesforce to help customers further secure and protect their Salesforce environments from malicious content, attachments, and URLs.

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