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Cavirin Hybrid Workload Security

Verdict: This one really demands your attention if you are working in a hybrid environment. We have seen nothing that quite compares and the technology used is both unique and innovative. For its hybrid focus this is one of our Recommended products this month.

RiskVision Platform

Verdict: While this is not a true next generation tool, neither is it a traditional one. This is one of those unique products that has, truly, carved its own niche and it has done that quite well.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

Verdict: Tufin is a progressive and capable vendor in this space. We have watched their product evolve over the years and it is very good example of the next generation risk and policy management genre.

Acuity STREAM Integrated Risk Manager

Verdict: This is a capable tool and meets its objectives well.


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Why Retailers Are Losing the Fight Against Online Counterfeiting

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Advanced Endpoint Protection: Strategic Guidance

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