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Feb 19, 2018

Product Reviews

SC Magazine Recommended

Illumio Adaptive Security Platform

Verdict: This is a strong product and, complicated as it might appear on the surface, there is a lot of help to get you going and to get the tool functional and producing useful output. This is one of our Recommended products for the month.

SC Magazine Recommended

CloudPassage Halo

Verdict: While we liked this product, there are peripheral aspects that need some cleanup. Pricing seems reasonable but if you have a lot of packages it could get expensive. In any event, it certainly is well worth your time to give it a closer look. We make this one of our ...

SC Magazine Best Buy

GuardiCore Centra

Verdict: This is the 800-pound gorilla in this space. It has just about everything – and what it doesn’t have it certainly soon will. We make this our Best Buy this month.

SC Magazine Recommended

Cavirin Hybrid Workload Security

Verdict: This one really demands your attention if you are working in a hybrid environment. We have seen nothing that quite compares and the technology used is both unique and innovative. For its hybrid focus this is one of our Recommended products this month.


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