Cybercrime News, Articles and Updates

Teenage Israeli cybercriminals close to indictment, report

Police in several countries are wrapping up investigations of two 18-year-old Israelis suspected of causing $1.6 million in damages from hawking software intended to crash websites.

Job Link victims gain counsel

A law firm noted for its advocacy on behalf of data breach victims announced it is investigating the breach of America's Job Link Alliance.

With March Madness in full swing, online scams go for the steal

Alley-OOPS! March Madness fans scouring the web for bracket contests and live game streams instead may find themselves all fouled up by online scams, Zscaler reported in a blog post this week.

Cybersecurity spending varies but best practices still save

It's no secret that calculating an individual or company's risk varies between each task as the economics of cybersecurity remain uncertain.

Hack of ABC's Twitter account hails Trump

The Twitter accounts of Good Morning America, GMA Pop News and ABC News were hacked on Thursday with a series of posts being added, including two praising Donald Trump.

Nearly a million Minecraft players feel like blockheads after installing fake mod apps

A spate of malicious apps falsely posing as mod programs for the popular world-building game Minecraft were downloaded by users roughly 990,000 times on Google Play before they were reported earlier this month.

Lithuanian arrested in $100 million multinational BEC whaling fraud

A Lithuanian national has been arrested for defrauding two major tech companies out of $100 million by pretending to be a business affiliate.

BEC attacks up 45% and gaining in sophistication: Proofpoint

Proofpoint reports a 45 percent increase in business email compromise (BEC) attacks during the closing months of 2016.

Website hacks up by a third in 2016, Google

Looking at the State of Website Security in 2016, researchers at Google have detected a sharp rise in the number of hacked sites.

SC Media Exclusive: Fortinet uncovers malicious Word doc that infects both Windows and macOS machines

Researchers have discovered a malicious Word file that is designed to infect both Windows and macOS operating systems with malware payloads using macros, SC Media has learned after an exclusive first look at a report from Fortinet.

Ask Partner Network compromised second time in two months

Carbon Black researchers spotted a second Ask Partner Network compromise twice in two months.

Cybercrime bills advance in two states

Legislation aimed at countering cybercrime, including ransomware, is advancing toward the governor's desk in both Indiana and Texas.

Cybercrime Blotter: Kolypto hacker pleads guilty to his role as Citadel malware co-developer

Russian national Mark Vartanyan pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of computer fraud in related to his role in co-developing and distributing Citadel malware under the hacker alias Kolypto.

W-2 phishing scam scourge continues hitting Powhatan County (Va.) schools

Almost 1,000 Powhatan County (Va.) school district employees had their personal information revealed when a district employee fell for a W-2 phishing scam.

Grabbot returns, new and improved

Fortinet researchers have detected a new botnet that is able to siphon out user data and commandeer user machines.

Web hacking only getting worse as webmasters fail to patch ageing code

As part of its #NoHacked campaign, Google has published figures on the state of website security, and the trend doesn't look good.

Write and wrong: Attackers compromise websites with subdirectory files to promote 'essay spam'

Cybercriminals are injecting folders with malicious subdirectories into legitimate websites in order to display spam content that advertises essay-writing services for students, Sucuri has reported.

Spam hitting Germans with personalized messages

A spam campaign that targets recipients with personalized messages is spreading in Germany, similar to a previous scourge there earlier this year and another that spread in the U.K. in April 2016.

Justice sends docs to congressional committees probing Trump wiretap claims

Reuters cited a government source as saying there was nothing in the information that supported Trump's claims that former President Barack Obama had directed agencies to spy on him.

Trump Tower, Clinton email investigation info on stolen Secret Service agent's laptop

While authorities recovered a black bag marked with the Secret Service log and some coins, a scramble was on to find the laptop, which contained sensitive information related to national security.

Microsoft: Malicious NSIS installers used to disperse ransomware evolve and grow in number

Ransomware distributors are evolving their technique for using NSIS installers to package and execute malicious software such as Cerber and Locky, according to a new report from Microsoft.

Report: Cloud-based spyware NexusLogger sold in guise of 'parental monitoring tool'

A new cloud-based keylogger has hit the market, resulting in a small number of cybercriminals attempting to infect businesses and collect keystrokes, system information, stored passwords, screenshots, and game credentials.

MajikPOS works its dastardly PoS malware magic

Researchers at Trend Micro have been examining MajikPOS, a new PoS malware that has been spreading across North America and Canada.

Wishy-washy security? Wishbone mobile app breached

Wishbone, a mobile app that is especially popular with teenage girls, suffered a data breach in August 2016 that compromised 9.4 million records, 2.2 million of which were registered with unique email addresses.