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No accounting for this: Deloitte's email server reportedly breached

The email system of accounting giant and professional services firm Deloitte was breached last year, giving unknown actors access to some of its clients' sensitive communications, data, and internal documentation.

The 'Phantom' Menace? Extortionists threaten websites with DDoS attack

A cybercriminal group identifying itself as Phantom Squad has launched an email-based extortion campaign against thousands of businesses, threatening to debilitate their websites with a DDoS attack on Sept. 30 if they do not pay a ransom of .2 bitcoins.

Locky is coming: Ransomware campaign uses Game of Thrones-themed scripting variables

A Lannister always pays his debts. And you, too, may have to pay up if you become infected with Locky ransomware, delivered in an email distribution campaign that uses Game of Thrones references in its scripting variables.

SEC systems breach may aided have insider trading

Hackers breached the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR document filing system and may have used nonpublic information stored on the database to profit from insider trading, the regulatory body disclosed on Wednesday.

ISO decides not to approve two NSA encryption algorithms, citing trust issues

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) decided not to approve the NSA encryption algorithms Speck and Simon.

Equifax names interim CSO, CIO;

Equifax continues to catch flak over its failure to quickly and completely patch the Apache Struts vulnerability that led to not one but two breaches and now for redirecting consumers affected by the latest breach to a bogus site.

WannaCry and Hollywood hospital ransomware attacks crossed a line for some cybercriminals

The ransomware infection that disrupted Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and the worldwide WannaCry attack in 2017 caused an ethical and philosophical rift among members of the Russian and Eastern European cybercriminal community.

WhatsApp rebuffs U.K. government request for backdoor

The government wanted a way to tap into encrypted messages but WhatsApp said declined, according to a report by Sky News.

Skating on thin ice: Avril Lavigne is most dangerous celebrity to search online

According to McAfee's 11th annual Most Dangerous Celebrities study, online searchers for the Canadian singer result in more malicious websites than searchers for any other famous personality.

Investigators wiretapped Manafort under FISA court order

Suspicious of his work on behalf of Ukraine's ruling party, investigators first obtained a FISA court order to tap Manafort in 2014, according to a report by CNN.

Facebook hands over ads, account info to Mueller

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook shared copies of ads with Mueller's investigation as well as the criteria the accounts used to target the those ads.

Trump lawyer, confidante Cohen to testify before Senate committee

Cohen was a central character is the infamous Steele dossier and interacted with Russian-born Trump associate Felix Sater, who boasted he could solicit Putin's endorsement to get Trump elected president.

Equifax CSO, CIO to retire post-breach

The company, which didn't provide any information on the two executives, is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and faces at least two House committee probes.

Sour notes: OurMine hackers briefly post private files from Vevo music video service

The OurMine hacking collective broke into the servers of music video hosting service Vevo and posted approximately 3.12 terabytes of stolen documents, in an unusually aggressive attack by the group.

Trump associates unmasked in probe of UAE prince's NYC trip

The prince met in December with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, who recently resigned as the president's adviser and other Trump officials

More BankBot apps sneak into Google store; UAE banks added to malware's targets

The Google Play store once again has been invaded with apps carrying BankBot Android banking malware that uses fake overlay screens to fool banking app users into giving away their credentials.

Paradise ransomware is a fresh hell for computer users

A newly discovered ransomware-as-a-service program called Paradise may be attempting to infect computers via hacked Remote Desktop services, according to BleepingComputer creator and security expert Lawrence Abrams.

Previously convicted Russian hacker pleads guilty to ID theft, fraud charges

Roman Seleznev, a convicted Russian hacker who in April 2017 was sentenced in a Washington State court to 27 years in federal prison, pleaded guilty last week to additional charges brought against him in the states of Nevada and Georgia.

Minnesota park computers infected with malware

The malware was found after a noticeable uptick in unusual activity.

Return of the EMOTET Trojan, spreads via spambots

Trend Micro researchers spotted the return of the EMOTET trojan, this time spreading via Spam bots.

Attackers actively exploiting Apache Struts remote code execution bug

Almost immediately following the disclosure of a critical Apache Struts bug last Tuesday, exploit code for the vulnerability was published online and attackers reportedly began exploiting the flaw.

Hackers breach AXA Insurance Singapore's Health Portal, stealing data on 5,400 customers

The Singapore division of life insurance firm AXA Insurance has reportedly suffered a data breach, after hackers stole roughly 5,400 customers' personal information from its Health Portal.

Facebook says Russian troll farm bought, placed ads during 2016 campaign

While at $100,000 the money spent on ads was small, it raises questions as to whether Russian operatives were aided by U.S. persons as to where to place them.

Instagram buys up Doxagram domains to stop hackers

The move likely won't boot the hackers offline as the companies hope since the Doxagram already has taken up residence on the dark web.