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NOT READY: OceanLotus' macOS backdoor blossoms into more evolved version

The alleged Vietnamese ATP group OceanLotus has evolved its Mac spyware trojan, creating what researchers at Palo Alto Networks are calling" one of the more advanced backdoors we have seen on macOS to date."

Putin had direct hand in election cyber campaign, CIA report

The report, delivered to President Obama in August, revealed that Russian President Vladmir Putin ordered hackers to disrupt the presidential election and help Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported.

Variant of Marcher Android malware poses as Flash Player update

Developers of the Android banking malware Marcher are now disguising the trojan as an Adobe Flash Player update, the cloud security company Zscaler has reported in a Thursday blog post.

Email compromise scams rack up greatest financial losses in new IC3 report

Among all incidents reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2016, email compromise scams targeting businesses and individuals were responsible for the greatest financial loss totals.

Election hackers altered voter info, stole private data

The information modified in a county database was spotted and fixed.

WikiLeaks: CIA's Brutal Kangaroo toolset lets malware hop onto closed networks

WikiLeaks dumped more leaked CIA documents, publishing materials from a tool suite called Brutal Kangaroo that allows attackers to indirectly infiltrate a closed network or air-gapped computer using a compromised flash drive.

AdGholas malvertisers experiment with ransomware, delivered through Astrum EK

The AdGholas malvertising group conducted a new campaign in May and June 2017 using the Astrum EK to infect victims with Mole ransomware - an unusual change-up for these adversaries, who historically have favored banking trojans.

Cybercrime evolving into more of a genuine business, Trustwave report

The era of acting defensively is over. It is time to approach cybersecurity proactively, the report stated.

'Doubleswitch' targeting activists via social media, Access Now report

The scourge is intended to silence journalists, activists and human rights defenders.

Mexican government used spyware for surveillance on activists, lawyers, journalists

Mexican federal agencies have purchased around $80 million of Pegasus software from Israeli firm NSO Group since 2011 and have used it in part to target those dedicated to guarding against human rights abuse and corruption.

Trump tweets he's target of probe

President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey who was investigating collusion between members of Trump's team and Russian operatives.

Photo with ID requested in new PayPal phish

A new phishing scam is duping victims into sending selfies to a site they believe is PayPal, but is, in fact, harvesting their credit card data

Europol nabs six counter anti-virus, crypter services customers

The six bought services created by an unidentified German man who was arrested in April 2016.

Fresno man arrested for streaming 'Deadpool' on Facebook

A Fresno, Calif., man Tuesday was arrested after sharing a full version of "Deadpool" to Facebook last year while the film was still in theaters.

Accounts of 6M CashCrate users exposed

User data on six million subscribers to the survey website CashCrate has been compromised.

Guilty plea for cyberstalker who targeted Jewish centers

A St. Louis man, Juan Thompson, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one charge of cyberstalking and one count of making phony bomb threats in a campaign to harass and intimidate a woman.

DHS and FBI dish out details on North Korea's APT group Hidden Cobra

The DHS and FBI on Tuesday jointly released a technical alert detailing IP addresses, infrastructure and tools used by Hidden Cobra, a North Korean advanced persistent threat group better known as the Lazarus Group.

Xavier trojan SDK spotted in 800 Google Play Android apps

Trend Micro researchers spotted more than 800 Android applications available on the Google Play.

Latvian man indicted for scareware

The malware made use of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website and led to millions of dollars in damages.

Intel Trump shared with Russians came from Israeli hack of ISIS

The intelligence included information that ISIS was making bombs that look like laptop batteries.

Shared Services Canada shielded government from WannaCry's wrath

Canadian federal agencies withstood the May WannaCry ransomware campaign, thanks in no small part to Shared Services Canada, the Canadian government's IT services provider, according to John Glowacki Jr., COO of SSC.

Linux malware targets little ol' Raspberry Pi

Dr. Web researchers spotted a trojan dubbed Linux.MulDrop.14 exclusively targeting the mini computers to mine an unnamed cryptocurrencies.

Game developer rebuffs demands of extortionist threatening to leak stolen Cyberpunk 2077 files

An extortionist who obtained internal files related to the upcoming multi-platform video game title Cyberpunk 2077 has threatened to publish the materials online if he is not paid off, according to the game's developer CD Projekt Red.

Android malware: Now with code injection

A new rooting malware not only downloads its modules onto targeted systems, but also injects malicious code into the systems' runtime libraries.

Comey recounts Trump meetings, Clinton email probe: SC Blog:

Comey was troubled by private meetings with Trump.

Persirai is tops among four families of IoT camera botnets

An analysis of roughly 4,400 IP cameras in the U.S. using custom http servers found that just over 51 percent of them are infected by one of four Internet of Things botnet malware families, according to new research.