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Kaspersky challenges Twitter's decision banning company's ads

Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky penned a letter to Twitter Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey defending his compsny's transparency and business practices.

DNC files suit against Trump campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks over 2016 election interference

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit Friday in a federal district court in Manhattan against the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks and the Russian government for conspiring to swing the election toward Donald Trump.

Critical infrastructure needs shoring up after U.S., U.K. blame Russia for attacks

Shortly before resigning his position, former White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Rob Joyce vowed the U.S. would take aggressive action against Russia.

Comey says Trump team didn't ask about Russian threat, would handle Clinton email differently

In the soon-to-be released book A Higher Loyalty, Comey said during a Trump Tower meeting in January 2017, neither the president-elect or members of his incoming team asked for details on the Russian threat.

DHS acknowledges unauthorized foreign Stingray use in Washington D.C.

The United States government for the first time publicly acknowledged the existence of what appear to be stingray devices used by foreign intelligence in the U.S. capital region

Gates was in touch with Russian spy during presidential campaign, Mueller court docs show

A sentencing document in the case of Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan—who has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about Gates and an unidentified associate.

Fancy Bear suspected in United Kingdom's Anti-Doping Agency cyberattack

Fancy Bear hackers are suspected of launching a foiled cyber-attack on the United Kingdom's Anti-Doping Agency.

Top Trump campaign officials urged Papadopoulos to meet with Russians

In an email sent in September 2016 Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lanza told Papadopoulos to do an interview with the news organization, the Washington Post reported.

Misstep reveals Guccifer 2.0 as Russian GRU operative

They were able to peg the hacker from his Moscow IP address, which appeared in a U.S. social media company's logs.

Omnibus bill draws praise for $380M toward election security, criticism for including CLOUD Act

House Democrats touted the bipartisan effort to secure elections but called the funding just the beginning while rights activists expressed dismay that the CLOUD Act was tacked on to the end of the bill.

Stamos reportedly leaving Facebook over transparency regarding Russia's social media activities

Alex Stamos reportedly differed with management on transparency regarding Russian operatives leveraging the its platform to disrupt U.S. democratic processes influence the presidential election.

Chelsea Manning accuser Lamo dies in Kansas

In June 2010, Wired published chat logs between former hacker Lamo and Manning, in which Manning allegedly confessed to being the leaker.

McCabe claims Russian probe behind his firing

McCabe said his ouster is an attempt to discredit him as a witness in Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling and former FBI Director James Comey's firing.

Suspected Chinese cyberespionage group targets U.S. engineering, maritime Industries

The suspected Chinese cyberespionage group dubbed "TEMP.Periscope" is targeting U.S. engineering and maritime Industries in its latest campaign.

Mueller subpoenas Trump Org docs relating to Russia

There is no indication that the Trump family business or the White House will resist the subpoena.

Trump administration imposes sanctions on Russia for election interference, NotPetya

The administration imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and organizations, many of them identified in an indictment obtained by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in retaliation for election interference and "malicious" cyberattacks.

Middleboxes in Turkish telecom redirecting users to nation-state spyware

Security researchers have uncovered how deep packet inspection middleboxes are being used either to expose Turkish nationals to nation-state spyware or to redirect Egyptian Internet users to ads and browser cryptocurrency.

HenBox malware targets Chinese minority group

A new Android malware family dubbed HenBox is targeting a large online population based in China who have been the subject of numerous cyber-attacks in the past.

Hacking Team reunion samples found in 14 countries

The Hacking Team is back to developing spyware as previously unreported samples of its infamous surveillance RCS tool were reportedly spotted in the wild.

Mueller may be preparing charges against DNC hackers

Citing current and former officials in government, NBC News said the charges, like those recently filed against Russian nationals involved in an influence campaign meant to impact the 2016 presidential election, would draw from intelligence provided by agencies that are part of the U.S. intelligence community.

ICS vulnerabilities could be exploited to cause 'severe operational impact,' report warns

Research from Dragos, released in a trio of reports under the umbrella "A Qualitative View of 2017," revealed that 61 percent of 163 industrial control vulnerabilities discovered last year could be exploited to cause "severe operational impact."

Sofacy group targeted foreign ministries in North America, Europe

In early February, Unit 42 tracked Sofacy's two-prong campaign using completely different toolsets to attack various Ministries of Foreign Affairs around the world.

Sessions taps Justice IG Horowitz to probe alleged FBI FISA abuse, sparking Trump's ire

The president and some GOP lawmakers have contended that investigators abused their surveillance authority when petitioning the FISA court for a surveillance warrant on former Trump adviser Carter Page.

Hicks refuses to answer House committee questions about White House, says she tells 'white lies' for Trump

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks refused to answer some questions on the Trump White House and transition when she appeared before the House Intelligence Committee.

NSA chief hasn't been give the authority to battle Russian interference

Rogers told lawmakers that Russia has not been deterred from interfering in part because they haven't felt the consequences of their past actions.

Dem House intel committee memo shows Papadopoulos, not Steele, prompted probe of Trump-Russia links

The memo, a rebuttal to a Republican missive released two weeks before, stressed that the agency did not mislead the FISA court when seeking a surveillance warrant on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Calif. man pleads guilty to ID fraud in deal with Mueller probe

Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty to selling to persons overseas bank account numbers that were opened using identities stolen from U.S. citizens.

Mueller charges Russian nationals, 3 organizations, for interfering in U.S. presidential election

The coconspirators committed identity theft, ran afoul of the FECA and participated in other fraudulent activities when presenting themselves as Americans on social media platforms and attempting to influence the election.