Cyberespionage News, Articles and Updates

Chinese cyberespionage campaign targets Middle Eastern public and private sectors

Symantec discovered a Chinese cyberespionage campaign targeting Middle Eastern Government and Business Organizations.

FBI cans Strzok over anti-Trump texts

While the FBI's disciplinary office had recommended Strzok be demoted and suspended for 90 days, his lawyer said, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich booted him from the bureau.

Government nat'l security experts unify to fight Russia election threat

The security chiefs, including DNI Dan Coats, FBI Director Christopher Wray and DHS Secretary Kirsjten Nielsen gathered in the White House briefing room to underscore the Russian threat and pledge U.S. efforts to curb it.

DHS unveils National Risk Management Center, Nielsen says election interference won't be tolerated

Speaking to cybersecurity pros attending the DHS Cybersecurity Summit in New York, Nielsen said it's time to prepare for a "Category 5 hurricane."

Facebook takes down pages suspected in election influence campaign

Facebook initially found eight Facebook pages and 17 profiles and seven Instagram accounts, created between March 2017 and May 2018, that violated the company's policies regarding coordinated unauthentic behavior.

Trump says Russia will muck with 2018 election to aid Democrats

The president said he'd been hard on Russia so the nation-state would push for Democrats.

FISA application says Russia actively recruited Carter Page

The heavily redacted 412-page document recounted the evidence that investigators had of Page's activities and statements to establish cause for placing him under surveillance and included three renewals signed off by different FISA judges.

Microsoft shares evidence Russia hacked 2018 Congressional candidates, House votes down additional state election funds

Once Microsoft discovered the malicious activity, it shut down the domain and alerted government authorities.

Prior to inauguration Trump shown evidence that Putin ordered election interference

Then-CIA Director John Brennan revealed emails and texts passed among Russian military officers, according to a report from the New York Times, which also said the then-president elect "sounded grudgingly convinced."

Federal Judge scolds FBI agent for improper stingray use

A federal judge in San Francisco scolded an FBI agent for the improper use of a stingray as well as an improper cellphone search.

Trump says Russia's no threat to U.S., after voicing support for IC's assessment of Russia election interference

Trump said he misspoke in remarks made a press conference in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin during which he appeared to accept the Russian president's denial that his government meddled in the U.S. presidential election.

Ukraine accuses Russia of VPNFilter attack targeting chlorine distillation station

Ukraine is claiming to have stopped a VPNFilter attack which targeted a chlorine distillation station last week.

Trump says Russia had no reason to interfere in 2016 election

Standing beside Vladimir Putin after a private one-on-one meeting in Helsinki, President Trump said the Russian president denied that his country interfered in the U.S. election process.

U.S. lifts ZTE ban amid congressional concerns, company shares jump

The company has paid a $1.4 billion fine, $400 million of which goes into escrow at a U.S. bank, and changed its management and board to meet terms laid out by the U.S.

Twitter suspends Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks accounts

DCLeaks was used to distribute documents pilfered during the hacks and Guccifer 2.0 posed as a Romanian hacker inspired by notorious hacker Guccifer.

Putin calls for international cybersecurity effort

Putin has been widely criticized for Russia's leveraging of social media platforms and using cyberattacks to orchestrate influence campaigns and disrupt democratic processes in the U.S. and abroad.

Chinese cyberespionage group TEMP.Periscope targets Cambodian election

A Chinese cyberespionage group is targeting Cambodian entities ahead of the country's July 2018 elections.

Former Apple engineer arrested for stealing secret info on autonomous car project

Hardware engineer Xiaolang Zhang was picked up by authorities as he waited to board a plane to China.

ZTE appoints new C-suite to comply with U.S. settlement, resumes some operations

ZTE tapped Xu Ziyang as CEO, replacing Zhao Xianming, and other executives, in an attempt to comply with the terms of a settlement that would lift a seven-year ban imposed by the U.S. in April.

Democratic aide didn't pilfer U.S. data to sell to foreign governments, prosecutors say

On social media platforms ripe for conspiracy, Imran Awan was cast as a foreign spy bent who pilfered U.S. secrets to pass on to foreign governments, but prosecutors dispelled those notions during the IT specialist's plea deal.

Huawei Australian exec insists frim won't share intel with China

Huawei's Australian Chairman John Lord denied his firm's involvement in intelligence gathering or cyberespionage.

Hackers weaponised secure USB drives to target air-gapped networks

A cyber-espionage group is targeting a specific type of secure USB drive created by a South Korean defence company in a bid to gain access to its air-gapped networks.

ACLU to deliver petition requesting Amazon stop selling surveillance technology to the government

The American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups are delivering their petition to Amazon's Seattle headquarters today requesting that it stop selling surveillance technology to the government.

Former CIA developer charged in Vault 7 hacking tools release

The newest indictments against Joshua Adam Schulte supersedes previous indictments for the transmission of what came to known as the Vault 7 releases.

House committee Republicans reject resolution demanding DHS info on ZTE

Fearing that President Trump would "go easy" on ZTE, eschewing a recently imposed ban and lifting sanctions, House Committee on Homeland Security Democrats had wanted to tap DHS for information related to the the Chinese telecom company.

Cambridge Analytica exec met with Assange in 2017 to discuss election, donated cryptocurrency to WikiLeaks

Brittany Kaiser, a director at the data analytics company, told friends she visited Assange on February 17, 2017, and also had donated to the whistleblower site via cryptocurrency.

North Korea who met with Pompeo was spy chief behind Sony hack

Vice Chairman Kim Yong Chol is credited with building North Korea's hacker army.