Cyberespionage News, Articles and Updates

No secret anymore: Russia touts cyber force

Russia has a cyber army. The announcement was made by Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

Trump gets mixed reviews on cybersecurity, one month in

The administration has hinted at cybersecurity policy, but no definitive strategy has emerged.

TeamSpy malware exploits TeamViewer in phishing campaign

Heimdal Security researchers spotted a new spam campaign carrying the TeamSpy data-stealing malware.

Russian special services deny involvement in Shaltay Boltay case

Russian officials continue to deny reports that hacker group Shaltay Boltay operated with the blessing of the security service FSB.

Flynn resigns after revelations sanctions were discussed with Russia

Speculation had long swirled that Flynn discussed sanctions leveled against Russia by former President Barack Obama for its alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election, but Flynn denied wrongdoing.

U.S. citizen sues Ethiopian gov't for planting spyware

A U.S. citizen is suing the Ethiopian government for planting spyware on his personal computer and for illegal wiretapping.

Federal agencies leasing in foreign owned buildings may cause cyberespionage risks

The report found at least 25 different offices used by the agencies including FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, and others.

CIA's Directorate of Digital Innovation here to stay

Efforts made by former CIA Director John Brennan to modernize the CIA have paid off and will carry on under the new administration.

Kaspersky Lab employee arrested by Russians on charges of high treason

Ruslan Stoyanov was investigating a senior figure within the Russian FSB, who was allegedly receiving money from foreign organisations to assist in cyber-investigations.

WikiLeaks seeks Trump's tax returns

The WikiLeaks call to hackers went out just after presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway said on ABC's "This Week" that Trump would not release his returns.

Stuxnext leaker pardoned by Barack Obama; Manning sentence slashed 80%

Instead of being sentenced, General James Cartwright, the man believed to have leaked the secret that the US and Israeli armies had developed the Stuxnet malware was pardoned by the outgoing Obama administration.

Obama confident in commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence, Assange won't leave embassy

Julian Assange had promised to agree to extradition if President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence, but Obama said that pledge didn't influence his decision.

Report: malicious 'fake' news links used to socially engineer

A new report from the Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology has shown that fake news links are often spread to aid the campaigns of APT groups

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence

A long campaign to move President Obama to commute whistleblower Chelsea Manning's sentence for passing classified documents to WikiLeaks has reached its desired conclusion.

Russian broadcaster blames Sherlock episode leak on hackers

The leak of the final episode of BBC's Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, was leaked online ahead of its final episode by hackers, says Russian broadcaster.

CIA's Brennan cautions Trump on Russia, draws president-elect's ire

The CIA director warned Donald Trump not to trust Russia's intentions.

Q&A with Evan Greer, Fight for the Future

Evan Greer, campaign director at Fight for the Future, is advocating for President Obama to commute the remainder of Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence before he leaves office.

Senate Intelligence Committee to probe Russian meddling in election

The lawmakers will summon a bevy of senior officials from both the Obama administration and the incoming Trump administration to suss out any links between the nation-state and people with ties to either political campaign.

FireEye report: hacking group APT28 and their tradecraft

Amidst a number of shocking revelations in relation to the Trump presidency, FireEye has released a report detailing some of the tools and tactics used by Russian hackers who are believed to be part of APT28 - a group of Russian state-back hackers - who are believed to be behind some of the year's headline grabbing hacks including the John Podesta emails, the WADA hack and the breach of the DNC during the election period.

Trump accepts intel findings, Priebus says

In what amounts to an about-face, Donald Trump will accept the CIA's findings that Russia hacked Democratic Party interests during the presidential election season.

Anthem breach caused by nation state

The California Department of Insurance reported that the 2015 Anthem breach was the result of a nation state attack.

Russia's 'Grizzly Steppe' kicked off with spearphishing campaign against Dems, report

The initial spearphishing campaign, executed by the APT group affiliated with the Russian intelligence arm FSB, yielded access to the Democratic National Committee systems and those of others associated with the Democrats and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Report casts doubt on Russia's role in US election breaches

The Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology casts doubt on allegations that Russia attempted to hack US election, saying the evidence is lacking.

Yahoo's second breach of 2016 serves up 1 billion users

After a second Yahoo breach served up data on one billion users, questions have arisen about the company's security posture.

Russian-speaking hacker peddling access to Election Assistance Commission

In early December Recorded Future discovered chatter that appeared to be related to a breach of the EAC and was able to engage a Russian-speaking actor dubbed Rasputin.

Intelligence committee requests hearing on NSA director's performance

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has requested an open-session hearing with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

UPDATE: Trump taps Pompeo, Flynn and Sessions for key security posts; James Clapper to resign

President-elect Trump has tapped Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) as CIA director, and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security advisor, and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general.

Shadow Brokers claim to leak NSA cyberespionage targets

The Shadow Brokers hacking group has leaked another batch NSA-linked data containing a list of servers linked to cyberespionage hacking programs.