Cybersecurity News, Articles and Updates

Moker trojan returns, researchers get closer look

Researchers spotted a resurgence in use of the elusive Moker trojan and were able to take a closer look at its functions.

Data of 1.3 million Schoolzilla students exposed

The data of 1.3 million K-12 students was compromised after being exposed on the student warehouse platform Schoolzilla.

Security pros face new pressures as they strive to safeguard employers

While more than half of information security decision makers feel increased pressure in their attempts to secure their organisation, there has been a shift in the source of this stress.

Cultivating a cybersecurity-first corporate culture

After Sept. 11, New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority came up with a tagline intended to make citizens aware that each person is on the front line when it comes to defending the metropolis against another terror attack.

Cybersecurity jobs are there for the taking. Are you ready?

One might think that a net increase of 13,000 information technology jobs in February is a sign of healthy growth in the field, but a comparison to previous employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) paints a more complex picture.

Gigs up, Bossland ordered to pay Blizzard $8.5M for game hacks

Blizzard Entertainment was awarded $8.5 million in a lawsuit against German company Bossland.

Lack of gender diversity hurts tech financially, Microsoft report

A lack of gender diversity in tech skills, among other industries, is harming firms and could hurt them even more economically if these trends continue.

Google researcher spots second critical bug in LastPass

For the second time in two weeks, Google researcher Tavis Ormandy has discovered a critical vulnerability in LastPass.

Two Daytona State College breaches affect students and staff

Daytona State College was hit with two data breaches this month that affected both employee and student data.

Microsoft Docs doxes users

Users may have been inadvertently sharing personal information on Microsoft's

Switzerland to build AI cognitive security ops centre to protect banks

Switzerland's cognitive security operations centre will be built around IBM Watson for Cyber Security and provide in-country support to the banking sector.

New York data breaches rise by 60% due to hacking and insiders

The New York attorney general has announced a large rise in reported data breaches over 2016.

Hancock unveils government push for firms to adopt Cyber Essentials

In a speech in London today, the minister for digital and culture announced the government is ramping up pressure on organisations to adopt Cyber Essentials.

Hired Hackers target driverless car tech prompting threat sharing colab

A group of cyber mercenaries targeted Baidu's driverless car technology prompting the tech company to beef up security.

Trump announces $1.5bn for cyber-security and critical infrastructure

Trump's first budget intends to strengthen the federal state of cyber-security by allotting $1.5 billion to the Department of Homeland Security.

FIN7 linked to fileless malware attacks

Researchers spotted the same group that launched spearphishing campaigns targeting SEC filings using fileless malware.

312 and counting data breaches, in 2017, report

So far this year, there have been 312 data breaches as of March 14, 2017, which have compromised a combined total of more than 1.3 million records.

You can be my Hacked Kate Moss tonight, nudes leaked

Kate Moss has become the latest celebrity to have her digital files targeted for intimate photos.

Iceni Argus patches six remote code execution bugs

Cisco Talos research team has spotted multiple remote code execution vulnerabilities in the Iceni Argus PDF content extraction product.

Fragmentation-nation: only 1.2% of Android devices use latest OS

With such low adoption rates of the latest security patches, security bods have said it is increasingly difficult to protect Android users who might not be tech-savvy enough out of harm's way.

Youth scheme shows telltale signs of early cyber-security aptitude

A scheme aimed at teaching young people online safety has published a list to show parents that their kids might have an interest IT security.

Pittsburgh teen launched cyberattacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyberattacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

Uber, Intel and IoT firms join coalition to secure connected cars

A coalition of tech has formed to secure the connected cars of the future.

Federal agencies leasing in foreign owned buildings may cause cyberespionage risks

The report found at least 25 different offices used by the agencies including FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, and others.