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The rise of the cyber guru - the new must-have for the rich and famous

As high net worth individuals and celebrities find their personal data under attack, so the rise of cyber-advisors to the rich and famous have begun to make an appearance.

Apple iOS patches Wi-Fi remote memory corruption bug

A researcher spotted an iOS memory corruption vulnerability which could allow an attacker to seize control of a user's device.

Wikileaks publishes Vault 7: Highrise tool for Android devices

WikiLeaks Thursday published the manual of another CIA hacking tool "Highrise" aka "TideCheck"

Research: businesses over confident about ability to fend off hackers

Combining the prioritisation of perimeter security and lack of knowledge in data security, according to Gemalto, is brewing an environment where businesses will soon lack the ability to fend off complex cyber-attacks.

As security gets tough, hackers revert to living off land, report

Symantec researchers spotted attackers increasingly making use of tools already installed on targeted computers.

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft pushing back against gov surveillance gag orders

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft among other tech firms are engaging in legal battles concerning imposed government surveillance gag orders.

Apple accused of playing cheap with its bug bounty

Researchers accuse Apple of playing cheap with its bug bounty payout offerings.

Jahoodists misspell to cloak interactions from state surveillance

A new report has revealed the tricks IS sympathisers use to avoid automated law enforcement surveillance software.

Multinational talks of £100 mil loss as Petya/NotPetya leaves its mark

International consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has announced a large loss in revenue as it recovers from last week's Petya/NotPetya ransomware attack.

Unencrypted PII records leaked from WWE database hosted on AWS server

Bob Dyachenko, the Kromtech security researcher who discovered the data leak of 3 million WWE fans, says it was most likely accessible thanks to a misconfiguration by either WWE or a contractor.

ICO sets out international vision and route to GDPR compliance

The ICO has released its international strategy, plotting its plans for Brexit and GDPR compliance.

Rise in use of biometrics products for cyber-security, report predicts

As fraud rises, a new report has revealed that biometric-based authentication is set to become more prevalent in the UK.

Samsung left millions at risk by not renewing domain, patches Magician

Samsung Magician recently patched a flaw which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code but a separate flaw may have left millions at risk all because of an renewed domain.

UK far behind other European countries in regard to GDPR compliance

British businesses are the most unprepared for GDPR compliance, according to new findings from Sophos.

Dark endpoints costing orgs $6 million annually, study

A lack of proper endpoint security could be costing enterprises an average of $6 million a year, according to a recent survey.

Posting X-ray photos jeopardize hospital networks

Even if a user takes the precaution to crop out data, they could unintentionally leave information such as the server name.

LatentBot trojan packs punch into RIG EK

While the LatentBot trojan has been around since 2013, Malwarebytes researchers warn the bot has grown rich in features.

Congressman proposes bill to strengthen U.S. and NATO cyber abilities against Russia

Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that seeks to improve America and its NATO allies' cyber security abilities to defend against Russian cyber-attacks.

Kaspersky Lab Files Antitrust Complaints against Microsoft in Europe

Kaspersky Lab recently filed antitrust complaints against Microsoft to both the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office.

Google Chrome patches 30 vulnerabilities

Google Chrome released a Stable Channel Update for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Report finds air gapped nuclear submarines vulnerable to hacks

The British American Security Information Council found the U.K.'s Trident nuclear submarine fleet is vulnerable to various cyberattacks.

Chipotle breach affected restaurants across 47 states

Chipotle reported a breach which affected more than 2,000 restaurant locations and an undisclosed number of individuals across 47 states.

FTSE 100 could face billions in fines for GDPR non-compliance

New research has shown what the true cost of non-compliance could be for large companies under the GDPR.

Netherlands nearly up to speed in cyber-security, says readiness report

The Netherlands has made great strides in implementing its cyber-security strategy, says latest CRI report, but still needs to address issues with funding and decision-making.