Vendor Silobreaker 

Flagship product Silobreaker Cyber Security & Risk Intelligence 

Cost From $30,000 per annum. 

Innovation Bringing comprehensive open source intelligence to the cyber community. 

Greatest strength Providing important context to cyber intelligence.


Silobreaker fits in the subcategory of open source intelligence. In the world of intelligence we have closed source (intelligence that is collected by agents in the field and not made generally available) and open source (intelligence that is available to the general public from sources such as the internet or news releases). Silobreaker is the best open source tool we ever have seen.

Silobreaker collects data from thousands of sources on the internet, collates it into coherent reports and presents it in a variety of ways to suit users.

This company didn't come from the cyberworld. It came from data analytics, general open source intelligence and financial analysis in open source data. The founders discerned that existing systems were poor in analytics so they teamed with specialists from the data side – one who was adept at dealing with structured and one who worked with unstructured data. The problem of structured and unstructured data is still present because there is too much data for most organizations to analyze. Today's data consists of internal and external data and structured versus unstructured data. Add in the Big Data model – high velocity, volume, variability and veracity – and you have a very difficult cocktail to consume.

Silobreaker's goal is to make data easily customizable, removing the disconnect between access to data (too much data) and being “in the know." We believe they have met that challenge nicely.

While other companies tend to focus on technical data and tactical response, they do not have the ability to see the bigger picture and understand the “why,” which comes from global context. Silobreaker takes a different approach that seems to be very successful for them. They believe that cybersecurity is not just an IT problem. It's much bigger than just telling the CISO “deal with it." That, we believe, is the major differentiator that this Innovator brings to our field. And that's why we have added them to our Innovators section for 2015.