Vendor Intel 471  

Flagship product Threat actor intelligence collection. 

Cost Under NDA and depends on use. 

Innovation Bringing threat actor intelligence to the information security community. 

Greatest strength Extremely strong grounding in the global intelligence community and the ability to translate that experience into useful/actionable cyberthreat actor intelligence.

Intel 471

This is a most unusual, and welcome, addition to the intelligence resources available to the information security community. The differentiator – and the reason Intel 471 has ended up in our Innovator issue this year – is that this Innovator focuses – successfully – strictly on threat actors. This is not open source intelligence in the traditional sense of the term. Rather, it is more closed source in that the intelligence gathered is based on first-hand knowledge in the countries of the malefactors participating in the forums. To say more would be to “burn” the company's operatives. Suffice it to say that we have been depending on this source in our research since before the company introduced in June of this year.

This organization follows a database of 10 million threat actors with a regular view of over nine million. This is a company that never stops innovating. On the drawing board is a smaller, more compact, version for organizations that are not quite as sophisticated as the company's regular target audience. Additionally, one innovation – and one we really like – is connecting with Maltego, a tool that might best be described as an internet link analyzer on steroids. All one needs to do is to select a threat actor from within Intel 471 and insert that actor into Maltego.

Overall, Intel 471 brings an entirely new dimension to cyberthreat intelligence gathering. While it is a pretty solid tool in its own right, when used with other intelligence tools, such as Silobreaker and Norse, it adds a powerful dimension to understanding the threats against your enterprise. This is not a tool for organizations with under-developed intelligence operations. It is without doubt a sophisticated intelligence gathering tool. The new “lite” version, when it is available, will solve that issue and make intelligence at the threat actor level consumable by most organizations.

We really like this tool. It has done a great job for us and we believe that, as an Innovator, Intel 471 brings a view of the threatscape to analysts that is at the top of the intelligence community. When mixed with other intelligence tools, you have an unparalleled resource of understanding threats against your enterprise.