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'Cyber incident' leaves Eventbrite-owned Ticketfly offline, ransom demanded.

The company didn't specify whether or not user information has been compromised but did acknowledge the incident in a tweet.

New cross-platform backdoor 'Qrypter' RAT gaining prominence among hackers

A relatively recently launched (two years ago) Java-based remote access tool dubbed "Qrypter" is gaining popularity over existing cross-platform backdoors such as Adwind as an efficient Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

More upper level participation needed as data breaches increase, study

As the number of data breaches increases a recent study found that execs and board members should be more involved in data breach planning.

Hackers have stolen $72 million worth of bitcoin

$72 million worth of bitcoins have been stolen from Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange causing the price of bitcoins to drop, casting doubt on the government's decision to use blockchain technology for its Crown Commercial Service.

Facebook comment tag malware scam targets Chrome users

Scammers are spreading JavaScript malware disguised as a Facebook comment tag notification.

US DoD announces bug bounty programme

Opening in April 2016, the US DoD will open a bug bounty programme to try and crowdsource the security of their public facing websites and internal networks.

Phony CloudFlare DDoS page redirects victims to Nuclear EK

Threat actors are using a fake CloudFlare DDoS check page to redirect victims to a nuclear EK.

Man arrested for hacking to steal celebrity sex tapes, scripts

A Bahamian man was arrested in New York for allegedly hacking into celebrities' personal emails to steal and sell private sex tapes and scripts.

DOJ investigates Uber breach, including Lyft allegations

The DOJ is investigating the May 2014 Uber breach including allegations against Lyft employees.

High-Frequency trader convicted in first federal prosecution of "spoofing" charges

Michael Cosiscia was convicted for disrupting commodity futures prices in a $1.4 million fraud scheme marking the first federal prosecution of its kind.

Former Morgan Stanley adviser pleads guilty to stealing data

A former Morgan Stanley financial adviser who was fired for stealing the data of approximately 730,000 clients pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday.

LA man faces more than 150 charges for child porn

Cesar Mauricio Estrada-Davila, of Los Angeles, faces 150 charges relating to extorting young girls for naked photos.