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Met Police officer buys malware that monitors messages, calls and more

A London police officer has purchased malware for mobile phones and computers that can intercept calls, emails and more.

Cybercriminals reap the benefits of cross-community collaboration

Cybercriminals across multiple regions have evolved their communication strategies to become more collaborative than their victims.

NICC releases guidance for secure implementation and use of SIP ALG

Guidance has been produced by NICC for the use and secure implementation of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) ALG (Application Layer Gateways).

Security pros face new pressures as they strive to safeguard employers

While more than half of information security decision makers feel increased pressure in their attempts to secure their organisation, there has been a shift in the source of this stress.

Over three quarters of UK public unaware Snooper's Charter was passed

As per the recent Investigatory Powers Act otherwise known as the "Snooper's Charter", UK intelligence agencies were given the green light to access personal data from browsing histories.