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Three-quarters of UK orgs suffer DNS attacks, half of those had data stolen

A new report from EfficientIP reveals a lack of awareness as to the variety of DNS attacks, a failure to adapt security solutions to protect DNS and poor responses to vulnerability notifications among businesses worldwide.

ID theft every 2 seconds - half hitting kids under 6

Keeper Security has released research on the dark web which shows how much hackers make from different credentials.

Organisations need stronger cyber-resilience to counter cyber-threats

According to a new report, there is a need for stronger cyber-resilience culture across organisations and a focus on the human aspects of the threat and cyber-disruptions posed by phishing and social engineering.

UK orgs are adopting the cloud despite high-profile cyber-attacks

Fears of being hit by a cyber-attack or data protection fines aren't standing in the way as businesses are moving forward with their digital transformation plans.

Bad habits put UK SMEs at risk of data breaches and unauthorised use

Ten percent of small business owners and employees in the UK admit to having poor security habits. The surveyed individuals admitted to regularly sharing confidential files on personal devices or sending documents to their personal emails rather than work emails.