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Overcoming the cyber-security skills gap: experience vs qualifications

When it comes to overcoming the cyber-security skills gap, experience has been shown to be more important than people getting degrees and certifications.

Study shows ignorance of and critical need to secure important documents

There is a growing need to improve security practices of confidential documents that include information such as financial data, employee records, business contracts and intellectual property.

Doxing threats lead AlphaBay marketplace to pay extortionist £37,000

It appears that AlphaBay, the largest dark web marketplace, has paid an extortionist several payments since August 2016 to protect the identity of its founder.

International Women's Day: tech field lacking female role models

Workplace gender bias and a shortage of female role models are among the main barriers faced by women working in technology today. A variety of recently released data show that gender disparity still exists within technology, the fastest growing sector within the UK.