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Black market 'Darkode' bust leads to arrests in 20 countries

According to the FBI, the crackdown led to U.S. indictments against 12 individuals, including Darkode's alleged administrator.

Iran deal prompts concerns over country's growing cyber program

A diplomatic agreement that restricts Iran's nuclear program, may indirectly shift its focus towards cyber warfare efforts.

Microsoft releases 14 bulletins on Patch Tuesday, ends Windows Server 2003 support

This month, Microsoft released four critical patches and 10 bulletins ranked "important."

iPhones, jailbroken and not, vulnerable to Hacking Team spyware, firm finds

Despite reports that iOS devices must be jailbroken before compromise, researchers found other ways to install the spyware.

APT28 uses leaked Hacking Team exploits in custom EK

According to ESET researchers, APT28 started using the Flash exploit on Wednesday, the same day Adobe released a patch for the issue.