Data Breach News, Articles and Updates

Hacktivist hits Minnesota gov databases to protest Philando Castile verdict

The stolen credentials reportedly give access to internal databases from the server, which connects to other databases of the sites and

ECB to force all Eurozone banks to report cyber-security breaches

The European Central Bank has announced it is looking to encourage information sharing between financial institutions, and the mandatory reporting of incidents appears to be a big part of its cyber-resilience strategy.

Bad habits put UK SMEs at risk of data breaches and unauthorised use

Ten percent of small business owners and employees in the UK admit to having poor security habits. The surveyed individuals admitted to regularly sharing confidential files on personal devices or sending documents to their personal emails rather than work emails.

POS data breach hits Buckle Inc. stores

Buckle Inc. was hit with point-of-sale malware on the payment data systems at an undisclosed number of locations.

2,000 Texas HHSC clients health data compromised

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) reported a data breach possibly affecting almost 2,000 people in the Houston area.

Brute Force Breach? WSU 85-pound safe theft compromises 1M records

The stolen information was part of research the university had conducted for outside agencies.

Select Restaurant chain hit with POS data breach

The Select Restaurant chain reported it suffered a point-of-sale breach during which customer payment card information was compromised.

Posting X-ray photos jeopardize hospital networks

Even if a user takes the precaution to crop out data, they could unintentionally leave information such as the server name.

Game developer rebuffs demands of extortionist threatening to leak stolen Cyberpunk 2077 files

An extortionist who obtained internal files related to the upcoming multi-platform video game title Cyberpunk 2077 has threatened to publish the materials online if he is not paid off, according to the game's developer CD Projekt Red.

Botched security: Celebrities, other patients, affected after plastic surgery files are breached and stolen

Hackers on Tuesday publicly posted more than 25,000 files and private images stolen from a Lithuanian plastic surgery clinic after attempting to financially extort the medical facility and its clients.

Hacker leaks Steve Harvey's Funderdome before ABC can premiere reality series

The same hacker or group that leaked season five of the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black has now publicly released the first eight episodes of the as-of-yet unaired reality competition Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

Sensitive DoD files found on unsecured Amazon server

A researcher discovered sensitive U.S. military files on an unsecured Amazon Web Services storage server earlier this month, once again exposing the carelessness federal agencies and their partners have at times exhibited when managing data.

Phishing scam compromises data on 25,000 individuals at University of Alaska

A phishing scam in December 2016 resulted in a data breach at the University of Alaska, affecting around 25,000 students, staff and faculty members, according to a report on Wednesday by local Anchorage NBC affiliate KTUU.

Ukrainian hacker sentenced to 2.5 years for insider trading

A Ukrainian national was sentenced in a Newark, N.J. court to two-and-a-half years in prison for his role in a global insider trading scheme believed to have netted his gang more than $100 million.

China may have hacked secret CIA communication to kill or imprison U.S. informants

China seriously crippled U.S. Intelligence operations by systematically killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources.

Goddess of cyberwar: Athena CIA tool subject of latest WikiLeaks Vault 7 dump

WikiLeaks on Friday published materials related to a malware implant called Athena, which enables remote beacon and loader capabilities on targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows versions XP through 10.

Target breach settlement payout held up by lone consumer

Although Target agreed to compensate consumers affected in its 2013 data breach from a pool of $10 million, a lone consumer is halting payouts.

Breach at Equifax subsidiary illustrates risks consumers face

The number of those affected by a breach into an Equifax subsidiary remains unclear, but what is known is that intruders were able to access customers' W-2 tax data, according to a report from security investigator Brian Krebs.

Hacker agrees to erase stolen Zomato data set; company to launch bug bounty

Zomato says the hacker responsible for breaching the company's database agreed to destroy all copies of the stolen data and remove it from the dark web, but only after the restaurant review service agreed to start a bug bounty program.

Zomato breach leaves bad taste in mouth of 17 million users

Zomato, an online restaurant search and review service, has notified its customers of a data breach, after a dark web vendor was discovered selling data belonging to millions of the company's users.

Panic CEO pwned, has company source code stolen

Apple app maker Panic's CEO Steven Frank said he mistakenly downloaded the malware-laced DVD-ripping app HandBrake resulting in some of the company's source code being stolen.

3,500 affected in Coney Island hospital data breach

A data breach at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island hospital may have compromised the information of nearly 3,500 patients.

Shadow Brokers threatens monthly leak of more NSA tools to monthly subscribers

The Shadow Brokers group that has been leaking alleged NSA hacking tools, is now threatening to launch a "Dump of the Month" service that will deliver more stolen tools and data to paying subscribers.

Hack Sparrow: New 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film reportedly stolen, held for ransom

True-life digital pirates have reportedly hijacked the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and plan to leak it online in increments, unless Disney pays an exorbitant ransom demand to rescue its movie.

Coordinated ransomware attack' on NHS hospitals all over the UK

UK hospitals have reportedly been hit with a massive coordinated ransomware attack