Data Breach News, Articles and Updates

Stolen drone manuals and military documents offered for sale on dark web, says research group

A member of a dark web hacking forum reportedly attempted to sell documents stolen from U.S. military personnel, including files corresponding to the deadly drone known as the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County acknowledge possible breach

Career and Technology Education Centers (C-TEC) of Licking County in Newark, Ohio suffered a possible data breach earlier this year that could have exposed individuals' names and Social Security numbers, according to local reports.

Third-party Ticketmaster breach targeted 800-plus e-commerce sites

Threat actors from the Magecart APT group gained access to the systems of InBenta Technologies, a firm that works with Ticketmaster, and were able to access customer payment information, according to researchers at RiskIQ.

NHS patients' data shared despite their objections, due to data processing error

Data that National Health Service patients in the UK specifically requested be kept private was inadvertently used in a clinical audit and research project due to a nearly three-year long data processing error, a UK government official reported yesterday.

Facebook makes additional API changes to secure user data

The company said it will be introducing new restrictions and changes regarding the Graph API Explorer App, Profile Expression Kit, Media Solutions APIs, Pages API, Marketing API, Lead Ads Retrieval and Live Video APIs.

Typeform breach exposes survey data collected for Tasmanian Electoral Commission, Fortnum & Mason, Monzo

A digital bank, a high-end goods merchant, and an Australian voting agency are among the first known casualties of a data breach affecting the third-party online survey provider Typeform.

Tread carefully: Adidas U.S. retail website breached

Several million online retail customers of German shoe and apparel manufacturer Adidas may have had their personal information compromised in a data breach involving an unauthorized third party.

270,000 Med Associates records possibly compromised in data breach

Healthcare claims services provider Med Associates is notifying its patients that the facility suffered a data breach in March potentially exposing PII, including medical diagnosis and payment card information.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was fined $4.3M for data breaches

The center was fined $4.3 million by the Department of Health and Human Services Office Civil Rights (OCR) for a series of breaches which resulted in the loss of 33,000 patient records.

Errant email exposes PII of Chicago Public School systems students

A Chicago Public Schools (CPS) worker accidentally emailed private student information to more than 3,700 families who have students in the system.

Elmcroft Senior Living suffers data breach, patient PII exposed

The personal information of Elmcroft Senior Living residents and their family members, employees and others could have been stolen in a data breach that occurred in mid-May, the Louisville, KY-based company said late Friday.

European authorities fine Yahoo! And Optical Center

European authorities are already cracking down on firm's improperly securing customer data from before GRPR went into effect.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hit, sparking drop in bitcoin prices; Ethereum heist nets $20M

Over the weekend, threat actors made off with about 30 percent of the coins traded on the Conrail exchange, although the firm didn't quantify the value of the heist.

Dignity Health discloses multiple data breaches to HHS

The San Francisco-based health care facilities operator Dignity Health recently experienced an accidental email breach affecting 55,947 patients, according to a May 31 disclosure form the not-for-profit corporation filed with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Wellington, Fla., almost faces data breach Waterloo

The City of Wellington, Fla. is informing its residents of a potential data breach after unauthorized charges began appearing on payment cards that citizens had used to pay their utility bills.

Human Resources firm PageUp suffers data breach, clients affected

The Australia-based human resource software firm PageUp has suffered a data breach that may have revealed information associated with many of that company's customers.

Researchers warn widespread Google Group misconfigurations are exposing sensitive data

A survey of 2.5 million domains looked for configurations publicly exposed, found 9,637 exposed organizations, then used a random sample of 171 public organizations to determine nearly 3,000 domains were leaking sensitive data.

Canadian banks warn data breach may have affected 90,000 customers

Hackers may have stolen bank data from 90,0000 Canadian customers

Corporation Service Company breach exposes PII on 5,678 customers

During routine security monitoring, the company, whose clients include Fortune 500 firms, discovered that an unauthorized third party had infiltrated its systems and stolen PII.