Data Breaches News, Articles and Updates

Georgia voter records exposure raises election security concerns

With the midterms approaching, election systems are in need of greater safeguards, security pros said.

Under Armour deftly manages breach, dodges GDPR scrutiny

If the MyFitnessPal breach had occurred just a few months later, Under Armour may very well have run afoul of GDPR.

Breaches expose 50,000 student and teacher records at Leon County Schools; more districts likely affected

The records of roughly 50,000 students, parents, teachers and staff members from the Leon County Schools District in Tallahassee, Fla. were compromised in two related breach incidents involving a third-party education services provider.

Report: Age verification tool for porn sites raises privacy concerns in UK

The UK-based digital watchdog organization Open Rights Group is expressing concern that an age verification tool for pornography sites could potentially expose users' sensitive data, according to a report from the BBC.

Penn. AG sues Uber over breach, delayed notification

Pennsylvania's attorney general is suing Uber for delaying disclosure for more than a year of a breach that exposed the personal information, such as driver's licenses, of 57 million customers and drivers.

Mass. tax collector breach victims double original estimate

The state revenue department now admits private data, including the names, tax identification numbers and the banking information of the payroll processors of more than 39,000 business taxpayers were compromised.

U.S. intel ponies up $100K to Russian operative for NSA hacking tools hawked by Shadow Brokers

The U.S. government was very interested in getting back the cyberweapons nicked from the NSA and posted online but eventually nixed the deal because they feared being sucked into a Russian effort to cause chaos in the U.S.

Ransomware attack on Sacramento Bee database exposes voter records of 19.5M Californians

The paper refused to pay the hackers' demand for a bitcoin ransom and is notifying subscribers whose information - including names, dates of births, phone numbers, and political affiliations - was affected.

Mulvaney ditches CFPB's Equifax probe

White House Budget Director and acting CFPB head Mick Mulvaney won't be pursuing an extensive investigation into Equifax's security practices after hackers stole data on 145.5 million American consumers.

Report: Number of cyber incidents doubled in 2017, yet 93 percent could easily have been prevented

Out of nearly 160,000 reported cyber incidents affecting businesses in 2017, 93 percent could have been prevented by following basic security measures such as regularly updating software, blocking fake email messages, using email authentication, and training employees, a new report claims.

Bell Canada breach exposes names, emails of 100K customers

The company urged customers to change their passwords and their security questions, but assured them that Bell Canada had implemented "additional security authentication and identification requirements" on their accounts.

Oh, baby! Infants' Social Security numbers spotted for sale on dark web

The personal identifiable information (PII) of infants, including Social Security numbers, were spotted advertised for sale on the dark web.

OnePlus breach may have compromised 40K users

A malicious script was injected into the company's payment page code to sniff out credit card information.

Cottage Health fined $2M by Calif. AG for two breaches

In the first breach, which occurred in 2013, an unencrypted server without basic security like password protection and firewalls made the records of 50,000 patients accessible online.

Cuomo orders new regs to protect New Yorkers from Equifax breach

Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo had already issued guidance to help licensed financial institutions act to protect consumers affected by the Equifax breach.

Judge says Yahoo must meet users in court after breaches

Judge Lucy Koh wrote that the Yahoo users risk future identity theft and other attacks after a series of data breaches.

Airway Oxygen hit by ransomware, data of 550K customers at risk

A ransomware attack in mid-April resulted in the compromise of customer and employee data at Airway Oxygen, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based provider of home medical equipment.

Anthem to pay record $115M to settle data breach suit

Anthem, the nation's largest health insurer, has agreed to a $115 million charge to settle a class action suit.

$130K settlement against CoPilot for breach violation

Following its delay in notifying patients affected by a data breach, CoPilot Provider Support Services will pay $130,000 as a condition of a settlement with New York's attorney general.

Accounts of 6M CashCrate users exposed

User data on six million subscribers to the survey website CashCrate has been compromised.

Data breach at Oklahoma U impacts 30K students

Lax privacy settings in a campus file-sharing network led to an unintentional exposure of the educational records of thousands of students at the University of Oklahoma.